Kids and their wishes~Love the smallest things in life~


The events at The KTM Drive are so much fun and spending time with kids make us realize once again how we take the smallest things granted in life. The last two events were at Disable Rehabilitation Centre and Disable Newlife Centre. Both these places have around 45 differently able kids each. The structure and facilities at these centres are not the same but the experiences that we had with these children were similar and amazing.

We arranged for sketch books and crayons for the kids, and made them draw on a
Saturday morning at DRC. Some loved drawing, some did not know what to make while some kids made the members draw for them as they coloured. The creative images made by the children of different ages who were differently able were worth the praise. There was this little kid who drew how humans pollute the surroundings and the other girl made a house which was destroyed during earthquake and was being built. On asking her she said “The house will be built soon as our hearts are still strong”. These words not only got a smile but made us feel how positive and hopeful we should be in life. Some others who did not want to colour, we made them write jokes and poems.


The kids were enjoying the activities as much as we loved it. We gave juices and biscuits and then it was play time. As we IMG_20150530_143041_HDRhad gotten darts, football, frisbee and housie, the kids formed groups among them to play the game they wanted. The older ones were wishing their numbers to be called out on the bingo while the younger ones compete on their aim on dart. The little girls loved playing Frisbee. As we spoke about the coming session and their tuition fees with the management we hope that we can find sponsors for five kids for this year.


We were waiting for the event at DNC since the longest. Imagine the one gift that we have wanted and it being fulfilled by someone gets in the broadest smile for us. The feeling was similar as we fulfilled the wishes of differently able kids. Their wishes were things we could have never asked for or imagined. They wanted sketch pads, geometry box, hair band, ball, story books, and cycle. We got a car instead of a cycle and the fun part was when the toy car was given to the kid. They loved their gifts and invited us for a game of football. Their love for music was extra ordinary.


There has been a connection with these kids as we had number of events with IMG_20150613_114926them:- Kite flying session, drawing, plantation. It is hard to remember their names but it is easier to remember their emotions. We made them play a round of housie. As we taught them how to play they were really excited and were looking forward for the gifts for the winner. The day ended with ice-cream treats for all on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The events went more amazing as we were sponsored by For Education Foundation bringing smiles to kids each day.


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