Project III & IV: The act of giving


With our first project we learnt a lot and we sent the supplies with one of our member who was working at the ward at Sindhupalchowk with his team. It was good to get their reports and feedback on what was happening. Just when we had stopped going to the field ourselves, we had a conversation with one of the helpers working at my place. He told us the situation of his family members and village. It was heartbreaking to know that relief had not reached yet. We inquired more about the village and got the supplies arranged from Helping Hands for 30 families.

The village of Dhuseni was not that far, a drive of two and a half hours made us reach there as we crossed the landmarks at Panchkhal and 50 kilo. The off road drive was adventurous but at the same time we entered an area which was badly affected with the earthquake. We could see the landslide which had occurred and the narrower road made it more challenging for us to reach. We carried sacks of rice, chuira, juices, thepla and detergent packets. We also had masks and tents with us.



received_10152836410671700As we reached our destination, we were introduced to the master and other people of theIMG_20150503_233035
village. They told us that they would divide the quantity of supplies among the families equally. Each member of the family stood in line as we gave out kilograms of chuira and rice. We observed didi’s taking the rice on the piece of cloth they were wearing. They put forward the sides of saree, salwar, while kids collected on their shirts. The distribution took a long time as we added the left supplies in their share.


IMG_20150503_154631_HDRAs we got done with giving out all the food materials we went to see the place they IMG_20150503_161803_HDRwere staying at. The houses had collapsed and the ones which were not destroyed completely had cracks. The families were staying at the temporary tents. In a situation like this they offered us coffee and fresh curd. This made us realize once again how warm- hearted and loving we are. The view from the village looked spectacular. As we bid goodbye we IMG_20150510_112958_BURST1IMG_20150503_155820_HDRcrossed a house where everything had come down. It was Jyamdi village. A man had lost his life and the houses for seven families were down. Many livestock were buried inside and the place smelled differently. We could not help them as we had already given all the supplies, but we told them that we would be back soon and spread the word around if anyone else wanted to give relief materials.


The night when we got back home, it started drizzling and I could imagine how the people IMG_20150503_162346_HDRwe met were living. They did not have tents and everything that they had built was damaged. The school books, scientific calculator and bags which were scattered around were the only remains that were left. They were sleeping under the open sky and the rains made it worse. This thought made us go the place again on the weekend.


We purchased tents, rice, chuira, pulses for the people at Jyamdi. As our jeep was carrying more than 500 IMG_20150510_100240_HDRkilograms of supplies, the tyres got punctured on our way. As we changed the tyres quickly after taking all the sacks outside, we head to Jyamdi area. We gave out tents to the people who had not gotten yet. We were directed to the other wards by the teacher who was a wise man and made sure the supplies were going to the neediest. As we crossed the wards, we were informed that there were organizations that had gotten supplies during the week. The people in the wards wanted us to give out supplies to the others who had gotten no relief. They were satisfied with what they had received.

IMG_20150510_115435_HDRAs we checked each ward, we reached the hilltop at an area named Rampur. We analyzed the needs there, which were for 140 families, but we had materials for 30. As we were deciding on giving out the materials, two trucks with relief materials reached from another organization. We were happy as they had supplies for the whole area. As we drove down, we gave out our supplies to particular families in the nine wards at Jyamdi VDC. We stopped at a school at Deurali named Shree Bagdevi Uccha Mavisha which was destroyed completely. It was sad to see the school in such a condition. The locals asked if we could help rebuild the school. We left some tents for the school as we assured them we would try our best by spreading the word.

IMG_20150510_105447_HDR IMG_20150510_105831_HDR

The amazing bit was when people were letting us know whose family needed tents. We assumed that it would be really hard to control the crowd with the supplies but our experience was totally different. Their houses had been destroyed but their hearts were surely not.



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