Nature Affair ~


Before sunrise and after sunset are the most romantic time ever. The majority will vouch for the same.If you are thinking, these are famous romantic movies they definitely are. I have never seen both of them consecutively. The orange ball going down in no time and the beautiful rise which can be captured in the lenses. Indeed, it is a very splendid moment. Trust me, if you have never experienced the same, make sure that you keep this on your bucket list.And my list is one down.

When people say that there is no difference in both of them and the feeling is the same, it’s so wrong. The color and the timing gives in a different feel altogether. So we saw the sunset on the sand dunes. The clear silky sand was making our seats on the ground more comfortable. We could see innumerable sand dunes and the camels with their camel man all around. Thousands of visitors had come to see the sunset. I think people stay in disguise as they are not enjoying the view but are busy clicking thousand of pictures and not living the present. Anyways coming to the point, the sun was going down when all of us started staring at it, the orangish ball turned pinkish and slowly spread the color on the horizon. In a minute everything happened so quickly we did not even realize it was over. It felt as the sun was rotating swiftly.

We so wanted to see the sunrise from the same spot and see how wonderful is it going to look. We kept an alarm around 5 so we would reach the place by 6 in the morning. As all of us were super tired we got up at 6 thinking that we surely missed the rise. But as we got out of our camping tents there we were when the dark pink orange ball was coming out. We were so happy that we weren’t late. It was coming up slowly and we could see it moving behind the tree which gave that extra effect. Far away, there was this beautiful fire ball which gave light all around. The sky was already on a pinkish tone, and by the time the sun rose I am done with my writing while looking at it. The feeling, view can only be understood or seen when experienced by oneself. This piece was just a trailer.


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Who needs a TAG??


While I bumped into a friend on one of my travels, the journey went by so quick. We did not realize how two hours felt like 5 mins. One of the best parts when you meet an interesting co-traveler you don’t get to know when the flight has landed, and you are already in your destination. So we were talking about different topics and one of them was commitment in a relationship.

What do you think about it?? Is there a tag necessary to be given when you are with someone?? Do you need the world to know that you are dating her/him and make it on a public attention. Some people who are in love do not care about people knowing that they are with each other, and there are a lot who want to remind the crowd around them that they are madly in love. Which category do you fall in??

Commitment doesn’t always mean that you are going to marry that person after some years. You might not know what is going to happen in five years. The love might fade away, the bond might be stronger than ever, who knows where you are going to be and what will the situation demand of you. No one needs a tag or a line saying that I am in a relationship with him/ her, it’s all about the trust, making the other person feel that he/she is the special one while you are in a group, and the people who are important in your lives celebrating that love that you have fallen for. While you don’t like the idea of keeping the tag, you surely cannot come by as you are single to people that you want to because not being in a relationship is fine but trying to be in many is a crime.

So go ahead give in the tag to the people that matter to you, let the important ones know, don’t wait for the right time as there is none and let the situations do all the talking.

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Travel Diary – III Desert camping and Safari*


Day || was more awesome, the city is not that clean but the carvings and work on the building sure does take your heart away ~

The day was all planned for sightseeing at the city. I am still trying to figure out why is it called golden. I guess the town stands on a yellowish sandstone on the fort and everywhere else too that is why it is called golden city ( Wikipedia check still to be done). Usually the best part is when you get to see the places which are not on top of the visitors list. That is how you get to see the real city and the smaller parts of the place. Started up with Jaisalmer fort (500 years old) which took us two and a half hours in total. It is the only residential fort, filled with houses of different communities and shops, it is one of the major attraction in Jaisalmer. There are points where you can see the view of the town clearly. Lots of shops with bargaining to the maximum. The shops that the guide takes you and the stuff that you buy, the shopkeeper has to pay about 40 % to the guide as commission. That’s the system there.


From the fort the next destination were couple of Haveli which were quite impressive and huge. We were all set for desert camping and safari which was 40 Kms from the city. We quickly went to an area to which would come in between Sam,where camel ride and camping was to be done named Kuldhara.
We reached Kuldhara, an abandoned village which was emptied in one night by the soldiers. The rooftops were all broken and the houses remained since years. We heard two versions of the story. One about the girl being forced into marriage and how the united village decided to vacate the entire village overnight. The other one was about the increasing tariffs that the villagers couldn’t give and decided to vacate.


20140124_175221We reached the barrier and finally got ourselves ready for camels ride. There were about 800 camels in total and they take a trip 20140125_073741approximately 5 times. With 20 kgs of salt bushes, thorns, dry vegetation twice in a day, camels are sure an expensive animal to own. There is a camel race which happens mid February, an event which people from worldwide come for. We reached the sand dunes in an hour and made ourselves comfortable on the sand. We saw the sunset which was one of the prettiest I have seen till date. Detailed description coming in another write up .

It was time for some Rajasthani music and dances, where this lady was dancing on pieces of glass ,balancing and rotating the heap of coal in a scale. The typical Rajasthani food is not that bad if you like sweets. After a heavy dinner we were chilling at the camps and near the bonfire. We were all given our separate tents which was quite an experience. The trip ended perfectly with the best sunrise which could be seen from the tent and me being successful in driving the jeep.

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Travel Diary III – Yellow sand everywhere:*


Here we are::Day 1

Barren land with some yellow sand, the sound of the wind and a drive in the desert. Perfectly describes how the start to our journey was. Life is so much spicier when we keep exploring and traveling. It’s all about experiences and getting to know various cultures and traditions. The trip to the golden city started with the drive from Bikaner, some 225 Kms. All of us were super lazy in the jeep as we had an amazing reunion of cousins which equals night less sleep for a week. The wedding madness and cousins get together reminds me of so many topics that I have to write on.

So we almost slept 6 hours on the drive and quite interesting part was that the roads were so empty and it felt like we were the only ones traveling on the roads. We could hardly see people. As my mind keeps getting those wicked ideas each time, I kept thinking what if there was a hitch hiker asking us for lift, or in case our vehicle broke down. Thankfully we reached on time ,nothing of the above happening as we crossed military tankers (All in a line), a herd of camels( Only heard about sheep), windmill (Never seen),on our way. We were also at two places at one time (at the crossings).


As we entered the city we could see the Jaisalmer Fort on our right. With the time not being at our disposal, we could only go to one place for sightseeing and we chose that to be Gadisar lake. The artificial lake was made some 800 years before . There are three tombs in the middle which has fine craftsmanship. We were enjoying the boat ride with the perfect sunset ever. The orange ball was setting in prominently and it surely took my heart away. It has residential building with balconies which was used by saints and pilgrims and visitors coming from far off places. It looks beautiful with lights all around. With the change in weather which started from a thick fog, to summer sweat and breezy evenings, we thought of ending our day with a bit of handicraft shopping and loving each architecture and wood work on each house.



A funny observation::We noticed that each residential house has the wedding date of the last couple who got married and 20140124_110740their names with Lord Ganesha painted. I tried understanding the reason and the most I understood was each time a new couple is tied in marital knot, it is inscribed on the walls of their homes.

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Travel Diary III , 2014


The train journeys can get longer at times when you have tried all sorts of entertainment, starting from reading a book and using all your gadgets one after the other and the battery reaches the lowest in no time.You sure have tried sleeping when there is a kid yapping endlessly at one side and the other traveler giving an update of where he has reached in every 5 minutes. Mixture of different irritating voices one after the other where you really do not want to figure out what is happening and where is it coming from.

I still think the best seat is the upper berth, as you are doing your own thing and no one is really bothered. You are in your own world. You can’t really enjoy the view outside if you are on a day train. So, I decided to see the stretch of sand dunes for an hour which I would be crossing.

The sight described from my eyes: Seeing the desserts with green grasses and bunch of trees and bushes makes me wonder who owns the land which goes to acres and acres. Some piece of land looks beautiful when the carpeted grass is around and the birds are sitting on the tree, the yellowish tinge of mustard flowers makes it all the more prettier. Both the sides with brown sand and a line of trees stretching long. As I am writing I can hear the sound of the train wheels on rail, the wind being dusty yet fresh. There are small hut houses in the middle of nowhere. Damn, when I thought no one stays here, I just see a young lady carrying her child on one hand and a pot made of clay.

20140124_172604Even in this foggy weather, the mustard plants are shining yellowish and a herd of sheep and cows are grazing at places. The ship of the desert carrying their passengers are a usual sight and I hope that the visit to the golden city is sooner.

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How many likes in a day??


Undoubtedly, Facebook has been one of the sites that we open n number of times. Be it for giving out a message, or using it as a chat messenger, checking if the one that we want to talk is online or not. From uploading an album of the latest trip, the check in at places lets other know where you are chilling at and the statuses shows how you have been shuffling with your thoughts. It has been a medium of advertisement for many groups. Spreading news, getting the videos viral, fan pages, your interest, and the movies that you have watched and the list goes on and on.

A person can practically spend an entire day on Facebook, checking others profiles which might lead to stalking too. Or for that matter choosing the picture to upload, editing it, and once you are done with uploading, checking how many comments or likes it gets in every half an hour. It is more like a diary, which is a personal one, and everything happening in your life is recorded with evidences. It is just that the version of the notes are being made simpler each time that the user does not want to change. The quality is so impressive and user friendly and it keeps getting newer and cooler ways of approaching the audience.

Imagine one fine day, Facebook gets banned and there is no way that you can retrieve your creative statuses, the various photo albums which were shared by your friends, the different places that you had been to, the mood swings. How annoying is that going to get. Can you imagine a life without knowing what others are doing?? (Pun intended). Who would you get all the attention from?? The thought of it is uncanny, but who knows!! Why don’t you make a diary- a personal scrap book just for yourself, wherein you have your fondest memories written and the places that you have been to and posting what is in your mind with the printed copy of your best snaps. Your journey can be looked back upon after 20 years, when the number of likes in your heart would matter more!!

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Date ~ love~ expiry~ :*


One of the subjects which can be spoken endlessly, having no answer to, no solution, if we have to elaborate it more, it is basically a vicious circle where the talks do not get you anywhere. You can talk about it day and night and you will get back to square one. That’s right – LOVE it is.

There is no reasoning to falling in love, and the person that you want to be with, it just happens and you exactly know why your heart has chosen him/her. The relation between two people should not be judged by anyone. The two people only know the connection, charisma, attraction that they have. Now here we are going to discuss about – mad, passionate, extraordinary love. If you aren’t fully committed or sure about it, it is just a waste of time.

So most of us are in love, or were in love anytime in their lives, what do you think of the first paragraph?? I am sure majority are going to agree to it. The question in my mind is does love have an expiry date?? This question is way trickier than it sounds. Every person who has fallen for the cupid stupid thing called love certainly wants the same feeling and the same correlation forever. Can that emotions stay till eternity?? As you get into a relationship and know more about the person with time, it is very common for you to change your perception towards them or you could happily accept the way they are. This again depends on the degree of how flexible you are because there are some people who are really sure of what they are looking for, and they will not be in relationship until they find the perfect man.

Leaving all this aside, when a bond, a tie is going on really perfectly and you have loved each moment with that special someone for a decade now, can love just vanish in some months. How is that even possible?? Can a person change altogether or the situations make him what he never imagined him to be?? Some say that when things do not work out well, it is best to let go and move on. If it comes back it was always yours, or else it never was. There is no point carrying it over when there is no craziness. There are expiry dates for the phases of being in love. You cannot be cheesy all the while; love cannot be in the air each moment. With time the phase passes and it diminishes. The others say that with the high and low, love keeps growing as time goes by, and when it only increases whatever position that you are in, you will make things correct, and you will go that extra mile only for her. Even if two people are not together for any reason, the love always stays for that person, be it in any way, because it can really have no expiry date. The memories that you have had can never expire as it has beautifully made you a better person along the way. And as quoted earlier, there can be no end to this as we are back at the same trivia!! Does love have an expiry date??

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You are surely missing out on these kidoo:*


We thought we are the bunch of cool kids around the town, way smarter, ahead of times, and the exposure that all of us have gotten by studying in different parts of the world. But hold on people you are mistaken here. The children of today’s era are unimaginable, so witty that leaves you surprised most of the times when they answer back. The approach towards things, the stubbornness, and their attitude is so demanding, aggressive and the maturity level is over their age. At times I wonder what the next generation is going to be like. What more?? I might be sounding a little out of the box, but seriously.

The toddlers already know how to open an iPad, to listen to their favorite music and eating food , the logical reasoning that they want in everything, the analysis, the one liners, forgetting what a bicycle ride is, what ringa ringa roses are, or for that matter any outdoor game. Here I am talking about technology to actions, to possession of a gadget, or say how the creativity of a child is going down. When you think about it, this is happening all around, even with us, we are so hooked on to our tablets all the time. Our day to day life feels so different when we are off the internet.

But there are definitely some of the things that the younger ones are missing out on:

1. Playing hide and seek and spending much of the time at the outdoors. Run to play as soon as you finish your home work and now kids run for their homework only if they get time from online gaming.

2. Value of money has definitely depreciated .There was a time when a certain amount of money was given for the entire month. We were to eat, travel in local transport, chill in that budget. It is so different now. The kids are never satisfied with what they have. This is true for any social animal though.

3. They are missing out on writing with fountain pens, filling your pen with ink was such a task. The shirts getting dirty with ink blots were pretty normal.

4. Listening to the songs through cassette. And buying one for the undying love of our favorite singer where we would have one of the albums.

5. The time has passed so quickly: – started with floppies, and then came to CD’s, and then some pen drive, and now you can keep your documents on your Drop box.

6. Everyone’s searched substance for their projects in encyclopedias, used dictionaries and thesaurus for our grammar, but since all the answers are on Google, why the pain!!

7. Giving out personalized postcards, greeting cards over the mail, this generation has hardly sent letters.

8. Collections on stamps, coins were one of the famous hobbies and it surely increased our knowledge and geography too. Wouldn’t say it is extinct but it is getting less.

9. The rings on the landline are hardly heard, as kids have started owning a mobile phone too.

10. The children are happy in their own company; they are not bothered about what is happening on the outside for days and nights.

The times have changed, and so have we but seeing the change wherein belongings are becoming history is sad to see.

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Travel Diary II 2014:*


If you are looking for a small walk, a short hike and a beautiful view. You have to check this place at Kavre. From Sanga, where the Shiva statue (143 feet high) is situated, it is a drive of 20 kms from the K-town. The statue is finely made and can be seen from far across the road. As the last minute plan mostly works out, this outing was one of them. We reached the place by 10 in the morning and none of us knew the place that we were going to. It surely had to be adventurous .We started kidding around with the destination that we had to reach pointing out to various hill tops.


Seeing the weather forecast for the day we were all layered up with our warmers and pullovers. As we started off from our starting point we asked one of the locals on how far the temple was. With the previous experience of mine I was sure those two hours was their time and for the non-walkers, it would be the best to multiply by 2 that is about 4 hours. As we kept walking the sun was shining bright and our prediction was totally wrong about the climate. We were a group of seven and with the catching up and talks the time just went by. The roads were pretty good, no narrow lanes; not much of uphill we saw cars passing by us too. And yes, the name of the place is right here.



20140111_11221620140111_114231The different shades of green, various kinds of farming, the greenery, mustard plants with the prominent yellow, brick houses with open windows, the candy clouds and the mixture of all the colors of nature was making the view all the more enthralling. The hike is really simple and one of the easiest ones. I guess we came across so many types of trees that we had not seen in the longest times. With the usual photo sessions and getting loads of memories of the trip we got back in 4 hours straight. We thought we were slow hikers, but apparently we were just on time, moreover a little before time. With a quick lunch and some games that we had so much fun playing, added two more words to our dictionary- khappi ( Reminds of cuppa, doesn’t it ) and gand pana which we are still not clear on what that really means. So if you have more idea on, do enlighten : P

” This looks like one of the drawings that each one of us made as kids- hill and a sun”


A well spent Saturday ended with deep conversations and awesome music and a drive back. As each trek teaches you so much, we 20140111_104607saw a kid make his own car, Kudos to him. He was so happy to pose for us and we saw this man without his slippers walking on the rocky surface. Each trip gives in a reality check and makes us realize we are fortunate for such a perfect and awesome life:)

P.S:: A check of your shoe is a must, cause if you have a shoe bite it can get super annoying

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The dating rules :*


Dating in today’s world is really normal. There is different vision towards dating though. Some people would term a normal hanging out between two individuals as a date. Some look forward for conversations with fun stuff that both love doing while others call it a date only when they are asked formally. Girls wearing their latest LBD’s or being gifted a corsage or say the good night kiss sounds all cliche. What do you think?? Are there any rules to dating??

I sure think there are. So when you are asking a girl out or vice versa, there is something that has attracted you to that person unless you are onto a stranger or on a blind date. Since you know a bit about the other side, why don’t you play it safe and plan a day of things that both of you like. If the day goes perfect than the next time you could give in a taste of your interest each. Be as comfortable as you want, be as you are because you will be loved even if you are clumsy or dumb at times.

The best way to get on with the date is talking about various random topics, there is no sense on conversing in detail about one subject, you are not testing his/her recollection but trying to know more. Don’t be demanding or ask questions which gets way personal. Take it slow and easy. Think before talking about mutual friends. It can get way tricky. If you aren’t much of a speaker you should probably go for a movie or just go clubbing. And yes, if you are not comfortable with some habits of the other person, don’t panic, you are not entering in a relationship mode. Just see how your date goes by.

Every girl loves being pampered, start your date with a little something (not applicable for boys:P) and one of the major rule is letting the other person know how much you enjoyed his company.At times you got to say it even if you are not meeting the other one ever. Girls love chivalrous men and boys love the perfect combination of hawt-ness and intelligence. You never know what is in store. Some dates are going to be disastrous, you might want to think back on your decision or choice again, and some would be just splendid. So don’t think twice on going out on dates. You definitely get better with each one.

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