Lamp of Experience::*

There’s a saying education is for children and experience is for adults. But somehow i feel that learning is as important as practice. Learning and gaining knowledge is a never ending process. Qualification is one of the main criteria for getting a job. And the requirement varies with each profession and career. Some strictly look out for experienced candidates. Except the post which is for a highly qualified individual, the others should take both talent and edification into consideration. There’s always a first time and many things can be learnt with time. Since no one is born experienced the individual using his theoritical skill into practicalities helps to become experienced. And by the end one needs to specialize in a sector, therby diversifying into studies is not worth. It all depends upon each person on what his ultimate aim in life is. The most important part is to love and enjoy what you are doing and make your hobby your passion as there is a famous proverb saying: ” All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

The force of FORTITUDE::*

Have we ever thought about a situation where we have to do all our chores ourselves??  I am sure you must be wondering on what I am talking about.  I am relating to our domestic helpers who are a part of our family. There exists such an unknowing relationship that exists between them and us. The comfort, care and love that they provide is just beyond explanation. But, we are quite a few who are really lucky to have helpers who have stayed a long for a long time.  And I am one of the luckier ones.

It’s just so nice to see them working with so much of compassion and loyalty. The commitment and devotion helps in increasing the bond with the family. These are the people who have seen you grow and know exactly what you want and how you want your things. They have their individual families and the routine that they work in must be so repetitive and tedious for them but it is never seen on their faces. Surely, they must be having their own problems and different stories and backgrounds but they are not uptight about it while working. We really need to learn from that – PATIENCE AND PERSISTENCE. Sometimes it just leaves me amazed on how they carry out their work so genuinely and altruistically. When it comes to the choices of each member of the family, they know exactly on who loves what and who needs what at which time. This is when I am talking about being self- less.

So there are actually so many things that can be done by one self but we are so habituated with people doing it for us. And if each family entity does their own things and divides the group work, things would have been so easy and the work would have been done in no time. But it can never be an alternative to the pampering and the concern that is showered by our new family members!!


Hidden scream::*

This post is written out of the everyday situations that Kathmanduites are facing and seriously nothing, nothing is being done about it and it’s getting onto our nerves now, but as we are, with so much of patience and wanting for a change to happen or a miracle to occur. Let me just put it up in one liners:

1. The potholes on the road is so much of trouble for driving the vehicles and when it’s a rainy season, it couldn’t have gotten any worse.

2The dust on the road because of the destruction is causing so many diseases, we can see people on masks while walking too, it’s become like as if flu is all around the town.

3. There are vehicles which emit black smoke and it is so difficult for the passerby and the vehicle behind them to even breathe, like literally its BLACK. I wonder when the last pollution control was done.There is so much of pollution everywhere. It s just feels sad to see Our Green Ktm go BLACK.

4. The garbage all around in different parts of the city are scattered. Sometimes the roads are filled with rubbish thrown around that it covers half of the road making it a one way.

5. There are no street lights, so when its dark, its worse and dividers in inappropriate lanes, so if a new person is driving in the city, he has to be very careful. There are so many accidents happening because of no street lights.

6. The traffic system, do we really have one?? There are no traffic signals and if there are they do not work. The places where it really works there is no police control. The traffic is crazy and these day’s small lanes are overcrowded taking hours to reach a 20 minute drive.

There is no traffic sense and we too drive like insomniacs, cause each one is in such a hurry to reach the destination. It’s become unbearable to listen to the ongoing honking if you stay near the road side.

7. The city is becoming so unplanned day by day. Firstly, we were widening the roads, that drive is not over and now we are getting the phone lines underground. So, basically the labour was used twice, with twice the effort and fund.

The roads are on the poorest conditions, what’s left is also withering away with the demolitions.

8.  Water and electricity being the main ingredients of life. We all know the scarcity of it in the country. The country being the 2nd largest in Water resources and still we are dying for water. What a shame!!

9. All of us have been just talking about how hot it has become, and this summer’s it has been exceptionally warm, its all because of the population and the increase in number of vehicle. The number of people  have increased so much as compared to the ratio of previous years.

10. When we talk on the public vehicle front, it is very annoying. The connectivity is very less and the way it pushes in people more than the capacity is  beyond concern.

11.Oh now when we talk about the citizen we have this habit of spitting around wherever we like, wherever we are. We don’t really look around. I guess its genetic (Sarcasm unintended)

There are loads of things that government needs to implement and carry out but at the same time on becoming responsible citizen of this country we need to take various things in mind, starting by not littering the place around.  Keeping our surrounding clean cause we all want a GREENER KATHMANDU!!

The Art of Gardening::*

Gardening and green goes hand in hand. It’s so beautiful to see the fresh fruits and vegetables growing around the house. The best is during the starting of spring. I just love it then. The flowers start blooming and the bright and clear sky just makes the day perfect.  There is such hard labour work with the seeds being sown, watering them and waiting for it to reap. The fertilizers and the mixture of various soil nutrients is a skill one needs to master at. It’s seems so easy when the food is made and served right on the dinner table. But, the whole process and cycle is so tiresome. Gardening depends on each person’s interest. It’s more of a hobby. We did water the plants around the house as kids but now it’s all gone. I believe if time can be taken out it does not take more than 15 minutes but we would just blame it on laziness. The greenery and the tall trees surrounding the house is the best thing one can ask for. Getting up with the sun rays falling right at the window sill right in the morning is just wonderful. Just posting some of the pictures taken at the backyard of my house..

With the changing times::*

And while I just wrote about Generation gap on my last post, it’s just so fascinating when we look over the things that have changed around in a few years. Seriously, there are quite a few of things that amaze me. These are all incidents of personal practice. I still remember how we had typewriter classes in school and the kids now must not have even seen it. It is a compulsory rule to own a laptop in today’s date. Here, there is no comparison between technologies, it’s just citing out various instances which has changed quite a bit.

There was a time, when we pulled out the ink bottle and dipped our fountain pen and there was a trick of filling the ink in the pen. We had to be really careful at it and it was such a messy work, usually the ink blot getting spread on the paper or the skirt’s pocket.  And now we just have been using gel and ball pens and the ink bottles are rare to be seen.

The usage of mobile phone and the everyday launch of new technology are overwhelming. There is so much that one can do with the device and there was a time, it feels like an era now, that we hoped for getting a cell-phone. And I, myself have changed about 5 to 6 of them till now. Everyone has a cellular device these days. No doubt, it makes things easier and has its own benefits but there are so many of us who are glued onto it for hours and hours not thinking that the future impact of it is going to be worse. We can see people in their headphone tuned onto music which is  best for the music lovers but being hooked onto it day and night will make our ear drums not work for long. Everything has its boon and bane and everything before and now is charming, but when it comes to technological the change is quite impressive.

And even when it comes to clicking pictures, i remember myself going to the nearby shop and giving the reel for printing and we would all be so excited when it published. The anxiety level was at its top. And now with the passage of time, we can click hundreds of snap in some minutes and erase them whenever wanted. The important part here is we humans like to keep all the snapshots forever , even if we are never going to look at it again . Its just put in our desktop or written in the compact disks having no idea of where will it be in 6 months.

The tradition of going for family picnics has increased,socializing has become out-bound which is a good thing as exposure is a must for growth!! But at the same time “EVERYTHING IS NICE TILL WE CAN LIVE A  BALANCED LIFE”


Bridge the Gap::*

We keep talking about generation gap. We are all in the 21st century and we have become so advanced in our thought processes but some of our views still remain conventional. But to think about it, it’s our loved ones that we are talking about and the relationship with them. Can there be such a time where we cannot explain what we feel like and the situation that we are going through?? I am sure all of us haven’t really taken an effort to discuss issues and there has been an impression already inscribed on our minds. We have just accepted the fact that things will not work out and our wavelength and thinking process will never match.

It is really difficult and with the times changing there are so many things which we are cool about and our folks are not. We have our own definitions, own explanations and own rule and principles. There are very least chances when there are no clashes between the parent and a child. Especially when the child is in his teens, and whatever he does, he thinks is correct. And with time when the maturity level comes, interpretation of things becomes different.

It is very true that our folks have had quite an experience, and they know about a lot with so much of understanding, but there is no harm in listening to the youth and the younger generation. They have a creative mind and so much to offer that it needs to be taken care of. It might not be justifiable, not be reasonable, might be so random, and out of the blue, but there is a reason behind it, there’s always something meaningful in it. Hear them out, hear them speak, Listen patiently, Relate to their emotions and then there will be no GENERATION GAP!!


The airports have become as busy as stations

That’s when India is one of the developed nation

Seniors of 85 speaking fluent English

They love Italian food along with every dish.


The standard of living gone so high

With the tax and law being so bind

The roads and streets are well maintained

Even if  they don’t have a six way lane.


The technology has developed things so fast

Doesn’t feel that we got freedom half a century past

The ethnicity and socio – cultural passages still prevail

The deserts and villages still remain.


Values and principles at the strongest

But why do we lack in courtesy aspect

The weather shows us extremes

Yet it is the hub of ASIA, THE CREAM!!

The Examination Exclamations and the final journey ::*

So those hundred and eighty minutes are way crucial than watching a 3 hour movie ..The level of concentration required, and the memory keeps rolling,the remembrance of that particular page in the book, and those mind blogging sessions.

And with that those small little annoying habits that people have around in the exam hall
I have a long list but lemme just jot down a few:
1. The one that tops my list is when the person ahead of you has that long hair which given a chance you would chop them of  of that instant cause it’s irritating when the strands of hair fall  right on your paper.
2. The funniest part starts when the invigilator has that squeaky voice that you would not want her to give you directions on how to go about the paper. Moreover, when she keeps gossiping about the daily chores happening in her life, with the loudest voice.This situation is beyond explanation. The students need to concentrate on their papers and not hear about the non stop chit chat. It gets on to my nerves when the invigilator snatches the paper at the last, almost tearing it into two parts. Come on, we are not taking it home. The papers are way more important than that attitude of * I am the boss situation *
3. There are so many times when the first half hour is so slow while giving exams and the last 15 minutes if it was in the hands of student would use all ten fingers to write . The time management even when everyone knows its way important doesn’t really work for the best for some .The handling of such situations is one of the best trick .
4. The students around you, each one of them having a pure belief that the paper is going to be the easiest and just the portion of one has revised the best and in between the breaks whenever u take  one you find others just stretching as if they have just gotten up or looking at the fan for ten mins straight or in the worst case just keep staring at the closest companion.
All in all it’s crazy how students have that exam fever and how each ones minds work !!