The force of FORTITUDE::*

Have we ever thought about a situation where we have to do all our chores ourselves??  I am sure you must be wondering on what I am talking about.  I am relating to our domestic helpers who are a part of our family. There exists such an unknowing relationship that exists between them and us. The comfort, care and love that they provide is just beyond explanation. But, we are quite a few who are really lucky to have helpers who have stayed a long for a long time.  And I am one of the luckier ones.

It’s just so nice to see them working with so much of compassion and loyalty. The commitment and devotion helps in increasing the bond with the family. These are the people who have seen you grow and know exactly what you want and how you want your things. They have their individual families and the routine that they work in must be so repetitive and tedious for them but it is never seen on their faces. Surely, they must be having their own problems and different stories and backgrounds but they are not uptight about it while working. We really need to learn from that – PATIENCE AND PERSISTENCE. Sometimes it just leaves me amazed on how they carry out their work so genuinely and altruistically. When it comes to the choices of each member of the family, they know exactly on who loves what and who needs what at which time. This is when I am talking about being self- less.

So there are actually so many things that can be done by one self but we are so habituated with people doing it for us. And if each family entity does their own things and divides the group work, things would have been so easy and the work would have been done in no time. But it can never be an alternative to the pampering and the concern that is showered by our new family members!!


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