Hidden scream::*

This post is written out of the everyday situations that Kathmanduites are facing and seriously nothing, nothing is being done about it and it’s getting onto our nerves now, but as we are, with so much of patience and wanting for a change to happen or a miracle to occur. Let me just put it up in one liners:

1. The potholes on the road is so much of trouble for driving the vehicles and when it’s a rainy season, it couldn’t have gotten any worse.

2The dust on the road because of the destruction is causing so many diseases, we can see people on masks while walking too, it’s become like as if flu is all around the town.

3. There are vehicles which emit black smoke and it is so difficult for the passerby and the vehicle behind them to even breathe, like literally its BLACK. I wonder when the last pollution control was done.There is so much of pollution everywhere. It s just feels sad to see Our Green Ktm go BLACK.

4. The garbage all around in different parts of the city are scattered. Sometimes the roads are filled with rubbish thrown around that it covers half of the road making it a one way.

5. There are no street lights, so when its dark, its worse and dividers in inappropriate lanes, so if a new person is driving in the city, he has to be very careful. There are so many accidents happening because of no street lights.

6. The traffic system, do we really have one?? There are no traffic signals and if there are they do not work. The places where it really works there is no police control. The traffic is crazy and these day’s small lanes are overcrowded taking hours to reach a 20 minute drive.

There is no traffic sense and we too drive like insomniacs, cause each one is in such a hurry to reach the destination. It’s become unbearable to listen to the ongoing honking if you stay near the road side.

7. The city is becoming so unplanned day by day. Firstly, we were widening the roads, that drive is not over and now we are getting the phone lines underground. So, basically the labour was used twice, with twice the effort and fund.

The roads are on the poorest conditions, what’s left is also withering away with the demolitions.

8.  Water and electricity being the main ingredients of life. We all know the scarcity of it in the country. The country being the 2nd largest in Water resources and still we are dying for water. What a shame!!

9. All of us have been just talking about how hot it has become, and this summer’s it has been exceptionally warm, its all because of the population and the increase in number of vehicle. The number of people  have increased so much as compared to the ratio of previous years.

10. When we talk on the public vehicle front, it is very annoying. The connectivity is very less and the way it pushes in people more than the capacity is  beyond concern.

11.Oh now when we talk about the citizen we have this habit of spitting around wherever we like, wherever we are. We don’t really look around. I guess its genetic (Sarcasm unintended)

There are loads of things that government needs to implement and carry out but at the same time on becoming responsible citizen of this country we need to take various things in mind, starting by not littering the place around.  Keeping our surrounding clean cause we all want a GREENER KATHMANDU!!

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