The Art of Gardening::*

Gardening and green goes hand in hand. It’s so beautiful to see the fresh fruits and vegetables growing around the house. The best is during the starting of spring. I just love it then. The flowers start blooming and the bright and clear sky just makes the day perfect.  There is such hard labour work with the seeds being sown, watering them and waiting for it to reap. The fertilizers and the mixture of various soil nutrients is a skill one needs to master at. It’s seems so easy when the food is made and served right on the dinner table. But, the whole process and cycle is so tiresome. Gardening depends on each person’s interest. It’s more of a hobby. We did water the plants around the house as kids but now it’s all gone. I believe if time can be taken out it does not take more than 15 minutes but we would just blame it on laziness. The greenery and the tall trees surrounding the house is the best thing one can ask for. Getting up with the sun rays falling right at the window sill right in the morning is just wonderful. Just posting some of the pictures taken at the backyard of my house..

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