Note to my best-est:*

You taught us how to lead a beautiful life,
While you were around, and even now, when you are not by our side,
You told us never to participate in a collide,
Even if situations go up and down, even if life takes us for a ride.

You were always an inspiration, a mentor,
With so much of hard work, never wanted to be senator,
You were the multi tasker, the perfectionist,
Training us for the small things since beginning.

With answers to most of our closed door,
Your nature would soothe, like sitting in front of the shore,
With connecting each one in the family tree,
You have been a Martyr for many, especially me.

Popsy, until today I feel the same, and I will not be surprised if I feel the same for years and years to come.There are still a lot of questions I have, and I wish you could give answers to them, as you would for every other simple thing that I would come to you with. There are couple of times that I sit on the wooden bench that you made at the garden wondering where you would be. There are moments that I wish; I could call you up to share the most random thought. There are seconds when I want to give you a call, so that you can fix the problems that happened because of my clumsiness. There are instants where I miss working on the smallest tasks that you would give me to finish and feel like a star when I could complete them for you. How I miss sending you random cheesy messages and see your reactions on them. How I miss the time, you would get angry on me, which would not last for more than a few hours. How I miss not seeing you by my side while taking the most important decisions of my life.  How I miss everything about you, and how I miss you Papa!

P.S:- I wish they had a phone out there.