Nothing is lost, until your mother can’t find it:*

I might just not be too late on posting this as I think an expression of thankfulness to our moms is very less as compared to their unconditional love. I feel mothers are perfect in everything they do, from managing the household chores, balancing work life and personal, to scolding their kids for the slightest imperfections. They are the best multi-tasker in the whole world and there is so much to learn from them in each step of their life. Many adjectives are lesser for these beautiful soul. I wonder how do they have so much patience and can be strong in each situation?

The cycle of emotions between mothers and her child never fades away, and it stays the same throughout whereas its different for a child. Some have reservations while they are growing up while some have a relationship more like a friend.  There are some who realize the importance of their guardians in true sense when they become one themselves. As I write this, I am reminded of the celebration of mother’s day before some days. There was infinite amount of posts on Facebook and other social media wherein everyone shared their sentiments about their mothers. This works perfectly for people who shared their feelings to their moms in person too or else it just doesn’t make sense. Why are we celebrating something so special in a virtual world where the participation is one sided? Why are we not calling our moms up and telling them how amazing they are instead of penning down through a social media? Why do we take this bond for granted?

Many of us in this age have forgotten what our priorities are and how important it is for us to spend time around family. We don’t realize how time is just passing by so quick and there is such less time that we can spend together. This notion of mine became stronger as I still want to talk to my dad and even if I do, it is a one-way messaging street. I know these posts and messages of mine are reaching him but I wish I could get a reply back.

On this me and my mom had a conversation where we thought if we were not present today, what would the situation? For now, I cannot even imagine that, but what I have to say is, I haven’t seen a selfless, devoted, powerful, comforter, and an awesome chef like you~ A post will be too less to describe what you are to me, or moms are to their children!

The waiting game

Each moment there is some or the other thought that keeps going on in each one of our minds. There are so many opinions and ideas that we have during an entire day. In this busy schedule of ours, we are always in a rush and we hardly have time to concentrate on one thought at that point in time. To think about it, our mind is the best example of being a multi tasker. Multi-tasking is an important skill and at the same time it gives an emotional high.

It has always left me intrigued what people think when they are waiting in a queue for a bank transaction or while stuck in a traffic jam. There could be different scenarios one can imagine if they are super creative. There could be a time when one actually feels how slow is the cashier doing her/his job, or for that matter, the traffic police is not giving a signal for the vehicles to pass. If one’s wondering why traffic signal, there are no traffic lights in Kathmandu.

In all of this, what we lack is to train our brain. Staying focused can be tough with a constant going on in our lives. Most people focus best in the morning or late at night, and studies show that 90 percent of people do their best thinking outside the workspace. We need to notice where and when can we focus best, then we can allocate our toughest tasks for those moments. The human attention span is approximately 8 seconds, and others state that healthy individuals are unable to sustain attention for more than 20 minutes at a time.

As it is said patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. Some get cranky while some go with the flow. Each moment of wait gets one closer to talking to the person behind or in front of them when they are in a line waiting. This is a similar condition while one is at the immigration at the airport.  We usually observe people around us, overhear the conversation even if we don’t want to, and smile thinking about funny positions around it. There are moments when we have all the time but we realize we have missed out on a certain information when we are closest to our finish line. What I am trying to say here is, our mind is never at rest. From the start of the day, till we close our eyes in the night, it is crowded. It is teeming with something which might be of our concern or which might not be.

When would be the time that one gets a crazy idea or all the thoughts are on the highest level? The answer might vary for each. Some might get while taking a shower or for some it might occur while they are waiting on their appointment at a dentist. When that happens we should not forget to put them on paper because these are the ones which are most practical ones. At a salon too, while waiting there are some amusing situations that one might come across and small talks that people do which entertains everyone.

Waiting is a part and parcel of our everyday routine, it’s the best on how we can use that time for something more constructive and positive.

It’s been long 90 days without you

Every member of the family misses him dearly, in their own way. No one expresses it much but I can feel it in everyone’s daily life and schedule. Every morning when I get up, I feel he is gone out for a walk, when I go out for my workout, I presume he is doing his accounts in the study room, when I leave home for my work, I make myself believe that he has already left for his office. When I get back home in the evening, which I just don’t feel like, because my conscious knows that I am not going to see him, yet my sub- conscious expects him to be there asking me the reason on why I was late, yet again. With all the consolations that I give myself, I know for the fact that he wouldn’t be in the living room when I presume he is and the hide and seek that we have been playing will come to an end.

It’s been three months and it feels like years that I haven’t seen papa. It feels like eternity to mom. Each one of us have had our own connections and this can never be replaced. No one can take place of the person who is gone even if they try to. The amusing bit is how life keeps moving on, and there are the same things that are happening without the presence of an individual. I am not saying that people should stop living, but should learn the art of living. We have yet not fully realized that life can just come to an end and one’s breath can randomly stop when we experienced it in front of ourselves.

There are many people who make a visit and talk fondly about him. They say how they are inspired with his style of living and this was unfair on his life. I feel the same, and I question God on how did he make him leave half- way when he had promised mom that he would be there till the end of their journey.

What I also feel is, he has left behind a lesson for each one of us and it is on us to practice or not. We need to be ready for the most brutal truth in mankind which is an end that is waiting to happen, if not in some years, could be in few months. I am certain his requirement was at a bigger place and the time he was here made everyone learn what patience is, discipline means, perfectionist it is to be in anything and everything. He was the best human I have met in my entire life, his dad’s favorite, his younger daughters beloved, the connector of the entire family.  I miss you every single moment and I am so blessed and grateful to be yours. I want your vacation to be over because I have so much to tell you, and will do that when I see you again, my superhero.


As I entered the café during my weekend I read a quote which said: – It’s not about “HAVING” time, it’s about “MAKING” time. This quote made me think about how many of us do not value time. Some procrastinate jobs and leave it for latter moment in life and some fail on time management. This delays tasks than we have imagined and the deadline for doing a particular work keeps elongating.

How are we so busy? What is the main factor that is killing the management of time? How can twenty-four hours in a day seem so short? How can a person be involved in five different things of his/ her interest in an entire day with focus? The partial answer to all of these question is the usage of phone. The average use of the phone is five hours in a day, which is roughly one third of total waking hours. Now one would question on how many times does an individual check their phone every day. If one estimates 50 times they need to double it up, that is when one might be getting close. These are all habits and programmed behavior that we have no alertness of. There are certain short term activities of 30 seconds while some spend hours while they were only checking if there was a message in their phone.

We don’t realize how minutes become thirty and there is least productivity that has happened. It not only impairs attention and memory but also reduces sleep quality. Most of our moment in the day is spent on the mobile phone, whether we are with people, whether we are enjoying a good meal at the restaurant. We have become so mobile that we have forgotten to be present in the moment.

The statistics says that 57% people do not need an alarm clock, and 50% people no longer wear watches. With the smartphones offering everything that is required on an everyday basis, the time spent on mobile phones will only increase. I wish we could reduce the time spent on mobile phone to the minimum as we spent 23 days in a year on the phone. I wonder how many years of our time will we spent on phones in the decade to come?

So let’s do ourselves a favor and try to unplug from that tiny little screen for a bit. We may be amazed at how much more we can accomplish with an extra few undistracted hours in our day.