Nothing is lost, until your mother can’t find it:*

I might just not be too late on posting this as I think an expression of thankfulness to our moms is very less as compared to their unconditional love. I feel mothers are perfect in everything they do, from managing the household chores, balancing work life and personal, to scolding their kids for the slightest imperfections. They are the best multi-tasker in the whole world and there is so much to learn from them in each step of their life. Many adjectives are lesser for these beautiful soul. I wonder how do they have so much patience and can be strong in each situation?

The cycle of emotions between mothers and her child never fades away, and it stays the same throughout whereas its different for a child. Some have reservations while they are growing up while some have a relationship more like a friend.  There are some who realize the importance of their guardians in true sense when they become one themselves. As I write this, I am reminded of the celebration of mother’s day before some days. There was infinite amount of posts on Facebook and other social media wherein everyone shared their sentiments about their mothers. This works perfectly for people who shared their feelings to their moms in person too or else it just doesn’t make sense. Why are we celebrating something so special in a virtual world where the participation is one sided? Why are we not calling our moms up and telling them how amazing they are instead of penning down through a social media? Why do we take this bond for granted?

Many of us in this age have forgotten what our priorities are and how important it is for us to spend time around family. We don’t realize how time is just passing by so quick and there is such less time that we can spend together. This notion of mine became stronger as I still want to talk to my dad and even if I do, it is a one-way messaging street. I know these posts and messages of mine are reaching him but I wish I could get a reply back.

On this me and my mom had a conversation where we thought if we were not present today, what would the situation? For now, I cannot even imagine that, but what I have to say is, I haven’t seen a selfless, devoted, powerful, comforter, and an awesome chef like you~ A post will be too less to describe what you are to me, or moms are to their children!

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