Birthday for a cause:*

We were having a discussion on birthdays and the topic led to how celebrating dates are the most important. Some did not care about the dates while, planning for the same was vital for others. All the discussion led to the conclusion that rejoicing did happen in yester years too but with time, the thought behind the celebration has changed. Some prefer calling thousands of people for their kid’s birthday while some do not like the idea of the gathering as it only gets tiring for the child. Some love lavish anniversary parties, while some love celebrating the love amongst them. Having said that, the ways of merriment has always been a personal preference, one celebrates it as, and how they want.

Some would love all the pampering and attention and some would not care if they were wished on the special day or not. The nature of women, in particular, love the feeling of festivity on the day of their birth.  It is special when others put a lot of energy to make their day extraordinary. The same perception might not be true for men.

While there are, many days and dates that one needs to remember, be it anniversaries, birthdays, many of us do not leave an opportunity to party.  There are many who want to celebrate their day with the underprivileged and share happiness with them. That is a noble idea while some have debated that this only makes the children miss all the privileges that they are not blessed with.

We need to understand that the short – term enjoyment is not making the less privileged kids miserable. The intention should be right and that is what matters. There could be another approach to this, which is called a shared birthday, wherein one makes merry on their birthday along with celebrating the birthday of all the kids, or finding a child whose birthday falls on the same date. Celebrating both their birthdays together is a win-win situation for both.

My personal experience on this: – Since couple of years, a part of my day on birthday has, been spent on the act of giving. It could be at the old age home or with the differently able kids or giving out Rs.500 to the people who have a hard time; earning Rs.500 in a day. This time I thought of celebrating it with the kids at Chahari. When I reached, I asked these 15 girls when their birthday was, many of them did not know when they were born. So what we did was,  celebrate the day with them as they sang the birthday song and wished themselves. It was such a special feeling when they sang: – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME~

~And as we wish for our birthdays, I hope all their wishes come true~

Growing a year wiser:*

Birthdays have always been special; it is another day to make us realize where we are in life, an introspection to our beautiful journey until date and yet another chance to fulfill our resolutions and crazy ideas that we have had for the year. Turning another year older is marked beautifully, as we turn sixteen or twenty-five, and with time, the numbering of oneself in every point making us anxious.  As much as we do not like it, time does pass by and in no time, our next birthday is back again.

Having gone through the most difficult phase of my life at the start of this year, to be losing the most important person in my life, my superhero, I am proud of what situations has molded me to become and what I am today.

With many years of experience in various fields, and doing the things I love doing, I have realized how satisfactory and content my heart is. Believing that there is no tomorrow (in terms of following ones dreams, it would not be bad in literal sense too, as I have experienced it) has made me experiment so many things.

The switch from numbers to the creative side has been great, so has the solo trip to Scotland. That trip gave me different outlook towards life. It was the best feeling ever. The writings have helped me express my thoughts and nothing better than words read by the world when put out. I still feel happy reading my published articles as I did on the first day. Early morning radio shows has been the best antidote and there are moments when I still get jitters before I am starting the show. All this has led to start a podcast named  Taking every chance to make a travel series has made the channel “Travel with Shikha” reach up to 150 videos and the wanderlust in me still dreams and hopes to be travel host some day.

Crossing of ten adventure sports on my list has always made me want for more. The remaining added to my PLAYBOOK. Learning different sports has made me try my hands on kickboxing and squash. The starting of KTM Drive( has been one of the greatest feat, the hundred events have been amazingly perfect and when I look back at the pictures and the memories with thousands of lives that have been touched I feel so gratified.

The very difficult challenge in all of this was to be consistent. None of this has happened speedily, I still remember sending articles for months and after a year, one published. How can I forget the time I realized I did not want to deal in numbers forever in my life? I was not sure of what I wanted but I knew what I did not. The travel videos started with phone cameras, with zero editing; now it has become much better, with fun content.  The permission for all the travels and rounds of discussions and planning to explore a new place were not that easy, these memories are etched in my heart. For the best experience with KTM Drive, it started with giving out free tree saplings, an idea thought over a cup of coffee has come to a project called #teachwithktmdrive.

I was so scared of death, as most of us are. I am blessed that I got the strength to see the last of my favorite man, as I did his last rites. I am happy to be around so many wonderful people in my life, who make the voyage even more interesting,

With this, there are so many stories shared, lessons learnt, mistakes made. There were decisions taken after sleepless nights, the ones that did not matter after five years, some taken at the spur of the moment. All of this has worked out perfectly well as I start the new era of my life at a new destination in the best companionship.

 ~Life can be capricious, grab the opportunity that you get, execute the ideas that is on your mind and never wait for the right time, because this is the time, which is RIGHT~








Falling in love, relating the songs that we are listening to that one person, might sound cheesiest, but when we have fallen for the right person, it is the best feeling one can get. Relationships are beautiful, the connection, the bond, the love when it grows naturally is amazing. When the thought process is similar and the conversations do not have an end, time spent with the other person passes by quickly. When the talks could be about anything and everything, and it is a camaraderie, the link becomes stronger. The understanding of the situation, the similar thought process of two people, same values and beliefs is very important. There are many people, who say there is some level of compromise in a relationship, what I have learnt is it is a teamwork from the journey of me to us, as two individuals learn, grow and teach each other. It could be a new outlook towards our perceptions, or sharing our dreams, there is always learning involved.

Love does strike us when we least expect it to be, and that could be the most life changing period for many. It is so true while it is said, when things are meant to be, it happens. We might be scared of commitment and our minds might wander. When the time and the person is right, FOREVER does not seem that far. While that is a strong, special and magical word, the heart automatically wants it and is clear about how truly it looks forward to it.

The time differences and the time zones can be a pain when two people are on different sides of the world but it has its own charm. Waiting for the other one to get up and share the crazy happenings of an entire day is just the best. Nevertheless, being far away is just fine, when you are connected. The meets after long, planning of trips, the look in their eyes, the wait and the countdown all of it is worth the while.

If this feeling is there for the longest time, it is the right time and person. If remembering that one person in different scenarios is making you smile as me and thinking of meeting, he/she is getting you goosebumps, you are ready, ready for FOREVER.

Life is so damn unpredictable

I had heard this phrase “Always be ready for change, because change is the only constant thing” couple of times in school. As kids, we were taught to accept the alteration and be ready to handle the direst situation with courage and smile. We were told that everything happens for a reason and the dots are always connected. This has always been the mantra towards life.

While this mantra exists, the question of the almighty taking dad away remains. How is it possible for him to go away so suddenly, that too forever? How is it true that when we were chilling the previous night, we would not see him the next morning? How is it that the plan that we had for that Saturday never happened? How is it likely that the heart can just stop, without giving any time, that too of a person who has never been to a hospital before? How is it all right to accept that there was no science to this, and it had to happen? All of this has added more questions. Most importantly, how it is that if I want to talk to him right now, to ask the smallest thing, I can’t?

How do we know if we are going to get up the next morning or not or how do we know that this is the last time we would be seeing our closest? How do we know that we wouldn’t come back home, to our people and how do we know that this is goodbye? How do we comprehend that the life we say that belongs to us after we go away is ours? I do not have answers to any of these but I know for the fact that nothing is ours.

What remains in all of this is only memories, forget about the various other things that we have that we call ours.  I am saying this because it is very important for us to understand and value every moment. It gives me jitters to think about me not getting up tomorrow, or imagining my closest one. As much as I hate to say it, I have experienced it and I have realized that it can happen and it has. The most that can be done from our side is to believe that every day is a second chance, that the day that we are blessed with is an opportunity in itself. To live with that hope that there is tomorrow and being around people, places and things that make you happy.



All of us have dreams, some come true and some do not, some are huge while some are small. These are aspirations; some are short lived and could change with time whereas some stay in our hearts until fulfilled. One such dream was to start Teach with KTM Drive. After a long wait, the dream is happening and the pilot project after 100 events at The KTM Drive is rolling strong.

The idea of starting something similar to Teach with KTM Drive was in my mind since a decade. I wanted to start teaching the underprivileged since then.  When I was volunteering with a close friend at TEACH INDIA, in Pune, we would go every Sunday and spend an hour with the slum kids. These kids would go to school but that one-hour on the weekend, was their time with us for activities and helping them with their homework. Many people from different stages of life were a part of volunteering. It was nice to see people wanting to be a part of giving and this was the best platform. An hour a week was perfect for someone who wanted to take time out from his or her busy schedule and be around the kids.

Since we had been conducting many events at Chahari, a social organization in Baneshwore, we thought it would be the best place to start this project. There are 15 girls, aged 4 to 12 who stay here. We spread the word and revolved the concept through our social media. We started with the same idea, wherein any professional/ student/ homemaker/ elderly could spend an hour in a week with the kids. They had to choose what they would be teaching them and the day that they were free for an hour. We were looking for a level of commitment so the 4 hours in a month that they give; the kids learn something substantial from them.

They help the kids with their schoolwork and teach subjects which school does not cover. We have our members who visit the kids and help them to develop their personality, make them visualize through storytelling, teach them regular discipline for their everyday life. Each of them specializes in one topic or the other and an hour for them goes quickly. The kids keep waiting at the gate and looking through the fences until we are outside the lane after their classes.

The kids love seeing us and wait for us to come while many members wait for their day to meet, teach the kids. This has surely created a space and different level of connect that our members have with the kids and they have themselves learnt a lot from these innocent children. I feel it is the purest form of giving.

Each one of us want to give, each one of us want to share, and there is never a right time.

Each one of us are so busy in our everyday schedules, to take an hour out, is so prime.

Think about the smiles; think about the happiness, this is the only phase,

An hour in a week is nothing as compared to their love and innocent face.

Thank you all #teachwithktmdrive members for making this dream a reality


Writing is a calling, not a choice:*

It feels so nice to be writing after the longest time. There are so many travel stories, thoughts and topics that I have to write about, and it is only being procrastinated and not penned down. I need to get back to my writing, on a regular basis. It gives me another level of satisfaction, corralling down my views and sharing makes it more worthwhile because there are many who can relate and think on the same lines as I do. Writing is a win- win situation; it increases our vocabulary, a hobby perfect for spending some time alone by oneself, and when the writing completes, our mind is relieved of the number of thoughts that keeps rotating.  It gives answers to many questions that we are in search for. It surely acts as a stress buster.

There is no particular time to write, but the best time for me is early mornings or late afternoons. As I look at the sunset and different formation of clouds, the orange tinge in the sky, the greens all around, the clear blues, the beautiful nature that we are have been bestowed, I change my topic from writing about nature of people to how influential writing can be. This is what the falling of leaves, different color of greens, swaying of branches in the trees and the gush of wind does. It makes me want to experience more of what I see, calls to me that I had been missing all of this. It makes me write about how we have taken for granted the most charismatic things, which are available freely. How we are busy in our everyday schedule that we do not have time to see the morning sunrise, the prettiest sight of moon, or even spend ten minutes with our mother nature.

One need not do a course in writing to start to write. Many maintain a journal, some write a diary, and some are professional writers. It depends on each person on what they want to write about and how they want to phrase it. Writing is not about complex words; rather it is a feeling. Some are regular writers while others write only when a situation or a thought provokes them. Some write for themselves, and some choose to be a voice to the generals.

All I would say is if you have not indulged in the process pf writing, you are missing out the most powerful tool that you have, which is available free. If you do have a blog, which has no update for months, or years, it is time to use the domain.