Growing a year wiser:*

Birthdays have always been special; it is another day to make us realize where we are in life, an introspection to our beautiful journey until date and yet another chance to fulfill our resolutions and crazy ideas that we have had for the year. Turning another year older is marked beautifully, as we turn sixteen or twenty-five, and with time, the numbering of oneself in every point making us anxious.  As much as we do not like it, time does pass by and in no time, our next birthday is back again.

Having gone through the most difficult phase of my life at the start of this year, to be losing the most important person in my life, my superhero, I am proud of what situations has molded me to become and what I am today.

With many years of experience in various fields, and doing the things I love doing, I have realized how satisfactory and content my heart is. Believing that there is no tomorrow (in terms of following ones dreams, it would not be bad in literal sense too, as I have experienced it) has made me experiment so many things.

The switch from numbers to the creative side has been great, so has the solo trip to Scotland. That trip gave me different outlook towards life. It was the best feeling ever. The writings have helped me express my thoughts and nothing better than words read by the world when put out. I still feel happy reading my published articles as I did on the first day. Early morning radio shows has been the best antidote and there are moments when I still get jitters before I am starting the show. All this has led to start a podcast named  Taking every chance to make a travel series has made the channel “Travel with Shikha” reach up to 150 videos and the wanderlust in me still dreams and hopes to be travel host some day.

Crossing of ten adventure sports on my list has always made me want for more. The remaining added to my PLAYBOOK. Learning different sports has made me try my hands on kickboxing and squash. The starting of KTM Drive( has been one of the greatest feat, the hundred events have been amazingly perfect and when I look back at the pictures and the memories with thousands of lives that have been touched I feel so gratified.

The very difficult challenge in all of this was to be consistent. None of this has happened speedily, I still remember sending articles for months and after a year, one published. How can I forget the time I realized I did not want to deal in numbers forever in my life? I was not sure of what I wanted but I knew what I did not. The travel videos started with phone cameras, with zero editing; now it has become much better, with fun content.  The permission for all the travels and rounds of discussions and planning to explore a new place were not that easy, these memories are etched in my heart. For the best experience with KTM Drive, it started with giving out free tree saplings, an idea thought over a cup of coffee has come to a project called #teachwithktmdrive.

I was so scared of death, as most of us are. I am blessed that I got the strength to see the last of my favorite man, as I did his last rites. I am happy to be around so many wonderful people in my life, who make the voyage even more interesting,

With this, there are so many stories shared, lessons learnt, mistakes made. There were decisions taken after sleepless nights, the ones that did not matter after five years, some taken at the spur of the moment. All of this has worked out perfectly well as I start the new era of my life at a new destination in the best companionship.

 ~Life can be capricious, grab the opportunity that you get, execute the ideas that is on your mind and never wait for the right time, because this is the time, which is RIGHT~







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