It seems all CRAZY :*

Each one of us are crazy in our own ways and love doing crazier things. Have you tried looking at the stars for 2 whole hours , just taking your sleeping bag at the terrace or balcony and simply making constellations or trying to see how clear the sky is . Have you tried taking small steps as challenges  and wondering if you could finish it within the time frame. It does give you a boost when you complete the task . Like the first lesson of swimming is to be underneath the water and the trainer increases the count with each day.  This might just sound hilarious . How about taking some water in your mouth and keeping it for 20 minutes straight without swallowing it! Told you, just sounded so stupid. But I guess some of us would not be able to be quiet for half an hour straight!!
I was always mesmerized by the moonlight since my childhood and listening to music and looking at the moon has been the best downloadcombination especially on the days of full moon. Go ahead with doing crazier things and not wait for a day where you can go all crazy 🙂

Travelling etiquette:*

I think I have written quite a few posts about travelling and I am sure for the next few days there are not many travelling stories coming your way. There is this particular thought which came across my mind on my last travel.  It’s about conduct and modesty. There are many who lack proper behavior and decorum while they are travelling and even in public places. It gets super annoying especially when they are the learned and informed. Such things are not expected from the sophisticated lot. Here are some tips especially while you are going for the latest movie or flying to another city.


  1.  Don’t worry. The plane will not leave you stranded.  Definitely, you are going to board the flight and you will reach your destination safely. Why do you have to rush and hurry when you know that you have a security check again? As soon as the flight lands, people rush to the exit, the situation is the same and the sight seems so funny. There is something called a line and standing in a queue. Everyone is getting out of the aircraft.
  2. People can keep talking, the rule of boarding a flight is to switch your phone off but instead we update the person on the other side of what did we eat for breakfast, how many people are travelling? A common question – Is the flight full?? Does it really matter if it is or not. Similarly when you are watching a movie, the first thing is to put your phone on silent which loads of us forget. If the person next to you gets a call with the irritating ring tone and speaks in the loudest volume disturbing others – the most annoying habit ever!! Cut the crap, and just convey the important message.
  3. The next most irritating part is when travelers make themselves really comfortable. Each one has paid for tickets and you are not the only one, you don’t own the plane as you are taking an arm rest both the sides, spreading your legs in the most unusual manner. Imagine the other person squeezing in with no arm rest.
  4. Travelers should maintain hygiene throughout. At times those smelly socks will just ruin your journey. If it is a long travel and the rest rooms are dirtier, it becomes quite a pain.
  5.  Being a steward or an air hostess is a profession that lots of young people are being attracted to and it is quite a bonus when you love travelling. A next step towards revolutionizing minds of the older generation especially in the Asian societies. And as each career is respected, you need to give respect in order to gain respect.
  6. A proper eating habit needs to be adopted by quite a few of visitors without making the whole tray table messier.
  7. Travelers who have kids with them need to take special care; it becomes really disturbing when the kid is walking to and fro. All of us know how inquisitive kids are but if you are not a kid lover you are going to dread the entire trip. And also they need to be taught how to act in a crowd with discipline.
  8. There are appropriate places to keep the hand baggage and purses. It is not really necessary to put in each and every item in the overhead cabin. The luggage of each traveler needs to be placed. And there are times when the hard covered bags are kept below the seat and the others cannot sit at ease.
  9. Lastly when you are collecting your luggage, there are people who check each luggage and see if it is theirs. How on earth would you not know about your own suitcases? You should put a mark or something which sets them apart instead of going through all :*
  10. images (1)images

Where do we belong – I wonder:*

heaven-and-hellssky clouds“It is just me and my thoughts are very random and vague”, I said. I know you really well by now she replied back. My bêstie and I were talking about how time flies so quickly and there one conversation lead to the other and we started talking about life after death. The word death does not scare me as much as life after non – existence does. Is heaven up there where angels reside and sinners on the other side? Can we be related to the same people whom we were in the previous life? Why can’t we remember what happened and where all do we belong?? It sure is the magic of KARMA .This must be sounding so philosophical. But, I am sure all of us feel the same way in breaks. The truth that all of us will be gone one day or the other is accepted by all but we ignore it time and again. Imagine living a day where you knew it would be your last and doing the things that you always wanted to do and not waiting for the perfect time. Life would be so different and we would be actually living each moment and each minute.

It sure gives us a push when we hear untimely demise of people around and gives us a reality check that this could have happened to us too. And as said time heals everyone, the sentiment fades away and leaves us with just memories. It’s quite strange how our mind works and believes what it wants to.

There is still a question on what happens post our demise!! How we depart leaving all our relations and love in a go, all at once. Reminds me of this quote – When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box.

The feeling of crossing a thunderstorm when you are airborne:*


Most of us are really scared of being on air, we think twice before an air travel. The thought of being in the sky for long freaks us out even if the travel time is short. There could be loads of things in mind. What if something happens to the aircraft? What if the plane is hijacked?? What if the pilot makes a small mistake and the plane crashes. Are we nearing the mountain ranges?? What if we have to use the emergency exit?? Statements like: “Damn, I should have heard and seen the instructions of the air hostess well; I can only fasten and unfasten the seat belt.” The thoughts can just go on and on. And mostly the regular travelers are the ones who do not pay attention to the flight attendants.


Some people are afraid when the flight is taking off or at the time of landing. And when the earlier part is smooth you sit back relaxed unfastening your seat belts and waiting for your meal. The frightening part starts when there are disturbances and you can feel it. And then starts some kind of intimation that the pilot wants to convey a message. When the pilot gives out an order to the crew members to take the seats right away as the aircraft is crossing turbulence, the reaction of passengers are to be seen. The feeling is weird and the mind just goes blank and you remember your loved ones and pray hard that everyone will just be safe. In some of the journeys when the weather is not good or the runaway is not clear, the aircraft keeps flying round and round. Since the time keeps ticking, each moment seems like a nightmare.


It is destiny that we should believe in, and anything can happen anywhere. We should accept the fact that there is a risk of life as soon as we are out from our house; besides there is a risk at each moment that we are on the planet. A fact which most of us ignore.

Just a reminder :*

Why do we miss out on living in the moment and forget seeking happiness in the smaller things?? Why do we not do what we love doing?? Why do we compromise on smaller things when we know we could do better?? Why don’t we fight with our heart even knowing that it will hurt someday?? Why don’t we fall in love with the beauty of nature?? Why have we stopped expressing and letting people know how much they mean to us??  Where have the gratitude, hope and faith disappeared??


All these questions starts with WHY and ends with no answer. We know it all but we fail to remember the least things which make life a beautiful journey. There are so many things which are beyond the horizon, beyond the normal routine life of a person. We know it all but we fail to realize and it’s all in the sub conscious mind of ours, have always been and will always stay. We are always preoccupied with loads of stuff.

There, I just reminded myself about the Seven Wonders of the World:












I had already mentioned  in one of the blogs earlier about how much I love traveling and the best of people that I meet while traveling . I love being alone and guess what I have been asked to take the business class seats when I actually have the economy tickets . Its just a boon in disguise and never have I asked why . And I have not been lucky once , been lucky three times .
3 things I have never understood while traveling. Firstly when the travelers know their next destination and they have their boarding pass with them and are sure that they are all getting in the same flight , they still rush when the boarding is announced . They are hardly people who line up properly and are waiting for their turn in the queue . The seats are allocated and the flight is not leaving without passengers on board. So what is the hurry??
And the next part is when people talk in the top of the voice when they are in a group.Why would they want the world to know what they are discussing,or what they are finding . It’s said that Indians are loud, at times in some situation it holds true for all . And there are times when people interact in their mother tongue and it does not sound pleasing. Not pleasing to ears at all.
And lastly the funniest part is when the flight is about to depart, there the passengers are on a call till the last minute . That’s the time when the stories and goodbyes does not end and while you are listening to them  it just feels like there are not landing in ground for ages ! The calls being so quick and the multi messages to multi people in a minute does not seem challenging at all.
Have you experienced the same on your last travel??

TRAVELOGUE 13: No one needs a vacation so much than who has just had one :)


The feeling finally sank in when we were taking the boarding pass at the Mauritius airport. And the 10 day visit of ours was over. We started thinking about how each day was super awesome and perfectly planned. We went through the whole journey of ours and all of us are going to miss one of the perfect vacations each one of us had and the crazy time with our cousins. It is so strange how you get attached to the place and when you look back you can just smile all over. And now when I am thinking about the past week, it was an amazing one. As I sit in the seven hour flight which is not smooth at all, and the next topic for the blog is right on my mind (The feeling of crossing a thunderstorm when you are airborne ) which is coming in a few days. Hope you guys had a great time reading the travel piece as I did while writing them as soon as I got back each day . The end to the travelogue with some phrases:-

A trip is a must

When you are all in a dust

Every six months or quarterlybeachhammock

As soon as you take a leave with your daily!


Setting your mind free

With no thoughts and all in glee,

Enjoy, chill and just relax,

That’s what happiness is to the max!


Small things we forget while we get so busy,

With work and classes, life gets so noisy,

Pamper and love yourself as never before,

With a massage or a vacation or much more!!



TRAVELOGUE 12::I think I need tips for removing a perfect tan!!



Holidays and trips end super-fast. It was one of the craziest, awesome and adventurous outings and I loved writing a travelogue about each day and the different experiences were just as amazing as it could get. From Scuba diving, snorkeling  para sailing  zip lining, under sea walk, hanging bridge, tube ride and going to the next beach each day. And each one is beautiful and gives a different feeling. The worlds beautiful beaches, sandy shores, lagoon, sparkling blue water and greenery could be seen all around. Not to forget the marine life was the best part. I think we covered it all and who says one cannot stay here for 10 days?? You surely need more than a week for the island. Mauritius is one of the prettiest places I have been and if you have not visited make sure you make your next vacation to the island. It surely is one of the paradises on earth. I am actually going to miss the crystal clear water and beaches when I get to K-town midst the mountain and valley.

And with 10 day of fun and adventure events I have got a perfect tan and could somebody send in tips on how to remove them.





TRAVELOGUE 11:: Rainbow touched my window


The sight from the window is mesmerizing. Clear sky and the clouds in different shapes are the best combination to keep looking at the sunrise for the next 15 minutes. The air is fresh and clean. And trust me I have never seen a rainbow so close. All colors were visible, between the trees I wanted to capture the best. But unfortunately still in need of a DSLR. So I just picked up my iphone and I am sure I did no justice.

We bought mementos and gifts for everyone and mostly what you get as souvenirs is all made of shells.  And as I said you need to be good at trading and it is easy. A special discount for the Indians that’s what they said but I believe we paid a decent one. The best sunset that can be seen is from Flic en flac, the beach towards the west of the island.  It offers pleasant and charming setting with beautiful white sand beaches and beautiful blue lagoons. It was beach volleyball, swimming and snorkeling for the evening. I kept swimming behind the lovely fishes and in no time it was an hour that I was in water hoping to see the sunset. But since the weather was not that clear and the tides were high we missed the most beautiful sunset which we could see. But here is the picture, that I could find of the most beautiful sunset EVER at Flic en flac.


TRAVELOGUE 9 & 10 :: Day full of sun, drinks, delicious food and a lot of fun and relaxation!


We left really early as we were to reach the departure point by 9 in the morning. We were heading towards Gabriel Island on a Catamaran ride. It was a baby Cruise for 2 hours.  Seven to Eight cruises left one after the other with 40 people on one cruise. Perfect music and a sunny day, it was the perfect time for a sail. The surfs were high and the ride was not smooth at all. The water would come in the ship most of the time. The time was quite long and we were feeling a bit uneasy with the salty water all over us. I guess it was sea-sickness. Above all there was an end which was loose (3 nut bolts were in the air and were about to come out) and I could just imagine the worse. This is how our mind works. I could not see the island till far and when I asked the captain he said we would be sailing for an hour more. My mind started making stories of something happening if that comes out!! How would we reach the island?? The ship go upside down in few minutes, all reminded me of the movie titanic. The movie was one of my best but the difference was there was no Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) with us. And most of us did not know how to swim. I looked after the small lifeboats and life jackets.

catamaranI quietly called the other crew member and asked him if this was fine, nothing much could have been done then but he told me it needed some repair, and it would not make a difference. After we reached the island I told my folks about it and they laughed it out. And they told me that it is not connected to the mast of the ship. I was comforted then. It is a great place to enjoy a day of relaxation and fun on one of the picture-postcard beaches or enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the sea. After spending an amazing time at the island, it was time to head back. We sailed through the crystal clear water of the lagoons; head to the open sea having breath taking scenery all around.