Just Google it :*


My aunt asked my little brother who just turned 13, and it was a historical question thinking that he would know the answer and guess what he replied- “ Let me just Google it, I will get back to you in 2 minutes. This is how we roll. If we are on the internet, I bet all of us use the search engine once in a day. And some of us always have a browser of Google opened. It’s just marvelous how everything that we want to know is there. Starting from movie review to the recipe of your favorite dessert, detailed research, it has it all. It makes our lives simpler and answers all the questions, that is the beauty of this web search portal. There is nothing that can replace it and you can spend afternoon’s goggling aimlessly.

There are so many people who do not find what they are searching. They get puzzled with the results. There you got to be really smart and pick the pages which suit your interest. An American multinational corporation – GOOGLE derives profits from Adwords. If you are wondering how it makes money I was thinking the same – I have done your task. AdWords offers pay-per-click, that is, cost-per-click (CPC) advertising, cost-per-thousand-impressions or cost-per-mille (CPM) advertising, and site-targeted advertising for text, banner, and rich-media ads. That was a help from Google again.

I cannot imagine my life without Google. So much of information and so much to learn, it increases our knowledge and learning capacity. And how can I forget the amazing doodles on different days. They are fun, surprising, and sometimes spontaneous changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists. There are around 1000 doodles created till date and each keeping the logo intact. It is breath –taking.  On the last note – I would love to be a part of the team someday.


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Lets go shopping :*


Shopping is the best entertainment and it sure is a stress buster.  It’s a myth that girls love shopping and boys don’t. I feel everyone loves to shop when they have to shop for their loved one or for themselves. There are various kinds then. Some really love accompanying the others for shopping and some want to end it quick. And we really value the second opinion where we  love to hear the other person say what we really want. And if she/he does not they are indirectly persuaded too. I have come across so many shoppers who are so confused and when there is a confirmation from the other side, they pick it up without a second thought. It happens to most of us and quite a few of times.

Then there are very quick shoppers and some wait for sale or only shop from a particular city and some are loyal to their brands, cant stay without it. Some love street shopping and bargaining. Some of a kind exactly know what they want and the style they are looking for. They would buy the stuff if it fits the picture and the price they want to pay. It’s already in their mind. The last category looks throughout the market, and after the search, buys from the first shop that they entered to. Window shopping is fun when you have loads of time to kill, otherwise its crazy how the shopping list keeps on increasing for the next visit. How many of us have actually bought things that were on the roll?? I always end up getting extra accessories and gifts each time and forget about what I was actually going to shop. Shopping spree can never end and as many of us would love to change our closet every month and if given a choice every 2 weeks.

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Warning: For the ones who use soft lenses:*


I so wanted to write about my hilarious and funny experiences about losing contact lenses after yesterday’s incident. Firstly, I never thought I would have bad eyesight after I went to college as it is usually said that your eyes get power of  farsightedness till the age of 18. And surprisingly I entered the land of hazy vision post my teens. It was really strange to wear specs and a feeling of something kept on my nose bridge each time. With time I got used to it and then I was introduced to contact lenses. Seeing my cousin’s use the soft lenses I always felt a pain when they removed the plastic material from their eye and took good care each time. It was so much of work.

My first time of using the soft lenses was not that bad as I was taught to wear by an experienced, and then in couple of days I was a perfectionist.  I did not need a mirror to wear it and my eyes stopped watering. A little ups and down but I was fine. So let’s get on to the crazy stories of losing contact lenses and some situations:

  1. Where should I start from, the most funniest time was I wore both my lenses on the same eye and after a while I was searching the right pair not realizing both were on the same eye- distracted by a phone call. I think that’s not even an excuse – How could I wear on the same eye??
  2. Initially, when I had just started wearing lenses, I would not know if it was really there. I would be under the assumption that the lenses are on but in reality it would fall on the platform and would never be found. I am sure many of us have been through that.
  3. While opening the lenses you have to be really careful, wash the soft lenses and put it back on the case. A friend of mine was half asleep while he opened it and put it on another case which had medicine in it. Some have put it on water too.
  4. I know people who have searched on you tube on:-How to wear lenses learnt it in a week or two.
  5. Has your lenses rolled up while itching your eye and the next you see it is beneath your eyelid and you have no solution around.
  6. Searching lenses is a trick which has to be learnt. After many years I have been a master in it, so when it falls on the sink or on the towel I can find it quickly instead of engaging four people with me.
  7. If you have not tried color contact lenses, you should totally check them out. I have worn it thrice and it is super amazing. The color alchemist, light brown and ocean green are the best bet. So what happened this time which forced me to write a blog on was I had both my color and normal lenses open in front of me. And when I was trying the green ones I accidentally washed the normal lenses. And there it was down the drain. I was speechless and surprised.
  8. And there each time I console myself that I will not lose my lenses with the same mistakes and take good care of them and make them last for a year. Hoping it works out this time. I am sure I am not the only one loosing contact lenses. There, that’s how you make yourself feel better.  Share in your stories if you have any

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Kill your TV


Some people love watching television and can sit on the fat couch for long hours and some surf different channels on their bean bags having no idea of what is being shown, no such particular interest but just to pass their time and see if something good is coming up . And the best is when you are watching television while lying down and you just sleep off and get up terrified when you hear a scream after pressing the remote to the highest volume  in your dreams . So when we are controlling,we  don’t even stay for a minute on one channel and keep scrolling up and down. The remote is like a video game and we succeed only when the movie that we want to watch since a long time is on air or some show that we wanted to see. And there are some who don’t like to spend time on the box – term it as the idiot box. They read or are especially the ones who watch series on their laptops, do not have access to it as they are staying far away from home or host élites. So which category do you fall on?

TV has been one of the favorite time pass and entertainment for us. It’s said that a man in his normal life spends 9 years on an average watching it. There are number of different channels and to think about it television is one entertainment source which makes all age groups happy- children love the cartoons and can watch the hundred types of them day and night and the same episode again and again. It increases the spiritual side of the older generation and the music videos and movies are the best entertainer for youngsters. There are informative shows, comedy ones, news channels and the list go on. How can I forget about the reality shows which have made quite a few of us addicted and our evening schedule is packed. It’s so strange when you think about the – Black and white times. Imagine one right now – no colors on the screen, and only a couple of channels. I don’t want to think about it- but Charlie Chaplin on the television is good. Within 30 years the transformation has taken a height and television still seems the best way of communication, the best way to kill time but again for some of us who think its unproductive we chant the slogan – KILL YOUR TV.

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De Interview issue :*


“The interview went really well” was my answer when my sister asked me looking at my face which was shining as soon as I entered the car. And then there were a set of questions from her. What all questions were asked?? What did you do when you had no clue what the interviewer was talking about??

I can hardly remember interviews given and answers written in an examination. You spend couple of hours preparing for it and once you give it, you are just through. There is no point analyzing it again, because nothing can be done and you can just prepare yourself well or present yourself better for the next time if you recap and think that the replies can be improved. So talking more about the experience of interviews, there are some really awkward situations:

  1. When there are three strangers sitting right across you, throwing questions from each end and you do not really get the time to think and whose question to answer first. This is when you have to be smart and be quick at answering all of them. It need not be correct but it just shows how confident you are in what you say.
  2. Where do you see yourself in five years? This is a cliche and a repeated one. We are so unsure of what is going to happen in a day, where life is so unpredictable, 365*5 is a long shot. If life was exactly as planned as we wanted it to be, things would have been different.
  3. There are times when the interviewer asks really weird and unrelated questions about our individual life. It’s appreciated that you like the company, and we could meet up for a coffee later but let’s get done quick.
  4. . The repeated questions I have been asked is – You are from Nepal. So what happened at the time of Royal Massacre?? Have you climbed the Everest?? I would love to but till date NO.
  5. What are your plans later? How long are you going to be around?? I have not yet joined and you are asking me how long I am going to stay. It’s similar to how much are you going to pay??
  6. If you do not know the answer, you don’t There is no point running around and talking something related to it.  As they know it all.
  7.  And lastly, being your self is the best part in an interview but not always. To survive this wicked world, you got to be witty, humorous, impressive and elegant and convinced on what you are talking. There, you will ace it.

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How it all started:*


It’s been a year since our events have started at The KTM Drive. It feels so nice when a small idea which was discussed at a coffee on a normal conversation turned out in actions. We had no idea how our events would turn out to be and what all can be done. One after the other we grew, our idea expanded, and we have completed twelve events till date.

We initially started with giving out free tree saplings at Civil Mall; we brought around 300 saplings and gave it out to people in free. Some were puzzled, some were amazed and there were just a few of them who approached us and wanted to know more about it. Why were we doing it?? And how could they be a part of the drive the next time?? Are we environmental students?? Are we doing it for some project?? And our answer would be really simple – It’s for the dust that we are facing all around the valley, it’s for the black smoke because of which we cannot walk without a mask and it’s for the greenery around us and a small contribution to our side to the Mother Earth who has given us in abundance. When we finished our first event we realized that there were people who would want to take ten saplings at once, there were some who were really reluctant on holding the small saplings. Our basic motto was not finishing off all the saplings by giving out in free; it was more of creating awareness all around so that responsible citizens would make their surroundings greener. I bet if we gave out saplings with pots, people would love that they are getting it in free. I still remember an oldie coming to us and telling us on charging at least Rs.10 for the plants as nothing is valued when there is no price for it. We thought over it, and we learnt as it was out first event.

And then there was no stopping us – We planted in schools, with kids at Montessori, NGO’s, hospitals. Each drive has been amazing. It’s just about the thoughts and when it comes to reality- the happiness cannot be measured. We have plantation events when it’s the season, and except that we have had activities where we collected clothes and gave it out to people who actually need it – at the streets and roads. We went to Aishwarya children home and spent the whole day with the kids- playing, dancing with them. Each trip has been memorable. The best part about these events is just not plantation or a cause but it teaches so many things, getting it all done in a team work, young enthusiast, a little of competition among the green activist, and loads of love and care for each other and definitely spreading the message of taking some out from the busy schedule to the lovely part of the world.

We are not a registered organization, but the way we have been approaching people for the events at their premises, they have appreciated and the kids have had a wonderful time, and for us it’s an eventful day. And the social networking media has helped us quite a bit on coordinating with our events and groups with the members being from different fraternity – some are engineers, chartered accountants, management students – professionals and students. We give out the dates and whoever can make it comes for the event. You can get your friends, cousins –the  more the merrier. You can check our page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-KTM-Drive/443154112374194?ref=hl and also be a part of our group.  And till date The KTM Drive has planted around 700 saplings around the K-town.

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Discover your world, and with all your heart give yourself to it :*


Quite a few of us have our future all sorted and the picture of the unknown is right in front of us. We are relaxed and we do not worry about anything as our plans are fixed and definite. When one phase gets over we have another phase all set. No struggle, not much of a thought, as quite a few of thinking has been done earlier, life is simple and easy. There are times when things do not work as planned, our fate turns tables, and we seek for options, alternatives. We so want things to happen as we had imagined, because we never thought of such a situation wherein we will have to compromise and adjust, not being able to carry things as the way we wanted. We do not want to let go our dream, we do not want to crush the idea and we attempt lots of avenue to get things done, to come nearer to our path, our road. And after trying a couple of times there seem no chance. At these moments we should just let go, we should concentrate on other things. I believe giving in our best is what an individual can do, and the rest is left on destiny.  If something is to happen someday, it will definitely take place. There is no point forcing it. There is no point arguing why. There is always something good which is in store for us, something which was better than our plan.

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Losing those calories


As I entered the gym on my first day keeping targets for a time of three months, I started visualizing the fit me and that drove me towards the club. Since I am a person who loves change in life, I have tried out various kinds of exercises from aerobics to swimming, zumba to playing squash and jogging each day. None of it has helped me lose weight. They have kept me healthy and made me fresh each morning before I start my day off .So, I thought why not start with the fitness center since I need to shred those calories. I am a very patient member when it comes to obtaining results, each activity takes time and I stay prepared for it. So that part is always taken care of.

On my way of learning the basic stretching I heard a conversation: It has been quite some time and I am not reducing at all. There are people who have reduced some kgs by now. The trainer was trying to make her understand that each body has its own type and some reduce faster and some take time. It’s on the food that you eat and your diet for the day which is the most important factor. What made me think was the comparison that we keep having as individuals are quite strange. In each walk of life, on anything that you are doing there seems to be a competitive level, when two people are doing the same thing. We look out for the results of others and forget about the betterment of ours. If we concentrate on our shortfalls and realize where we are going wrong or if we are happy with our feat there would be no judgments.

Hit the exercise room each day, get your body toned and don’t care how much you are losing as long as you feel refreshed and energized!

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Water, water everywhere not a drop to drink:*


I was amazed when I heard that the 20 liters jar of water was on shortage because of the strike by the private water suppliers. I did not want to question nor did I want to know what the reason was because most of the things are out of your reach and it’s the best to take your own precautions and be cautious. Large sections of the society who survive on water from the suppliers were struggling to meet their daily needs. They were helpless, but nothing could be done. We actually know the importance when we do not have it. If we rewind our everyday routine there are so many instances where we can save water.

Starting from the time we get up, the running of tap when we are brushing, the endless music-showering on Saturdays (We all love a leisure bath, but twice a week results in wastage of water), and then not checking the stopper while we are leaving the house, throwing the drinking water in each meal when half a glass is good for us, and also while washing the clothes and utensils, we need to create awareness around us. There are times when the drinking water which is taken in a truck is leaking and it leaves a trail. And there are times when people have to stand in a line for 4 hours after walking 4 kms and they get to fill only a bucket of water.  We need to take care of our needs, we need to start water harvesting if we have not. We need to find new ways, adapt, preserve, and save.

If you have not watched the movie 127 hours, which is based on the true story of a mountaineer Aron Lee Ralston, is a must watch. It’s how he gets trapped on a canyon and spends 127 hours with his hand in between the rock and tries everything and anything to keep him alive with the limited food and water that he has. His willpower keeps him going and he gets out of the canyon with one of his hand. And that’s when we realize the treasure of small precious things in life !!

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