Lets go shopping :*


Shopping is the best entertainment and it sure is a stress buster.  It’s a myth that girls love shopping and boys don’t. I feel everyone loves to shop when they have to shop for their loved one or for themselves. There are various kinds then. Some really love accompanying the others for shopping and some want to end it quick. And we really value the second opinion where we  love to hear the other person say what we really want. And if she/he does not they are indirectly persuaded too. I have come across so many shoppers who are so confused and when there is a confirmation from the other side, they pick it up without a second thought. It happens to most of us and quite a few of times.

Then there are very quick shoppers and some wait for sale or only shop from a particular city and some are loyal to their brands, cant stay without it. Some love street shopping and bargaining. Some of a kind exactly know what they want and the style they are looking for. They would buy the stuff if it fits the picture and the price they want to pay. It’s already in their mind. The last category looks throughout the market, and after the search, buys from the first shop that they entered to. Window shopping is fun when you have loads of time to kill, otherwise its crazy how the shopping list keeps on increasing for the next visit. How many of us have actually bought things that were on the roll?? I always end up getting extra accessories and gifts each time and forget about what I was actually going to shop. Shopping spree can never end and as many of us would love to change our closet every month and if given a choice every 2 weeks.

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