Warning: For the ones who use soft lenses:*


I so wanted to write about my hilarious and funny experiences about losing contact lenses after yesterday’s incident. Firstly, I never thought I would have bad eyesight after I went to college as it is usually said that your eyes get power of  farsightedness till the age of 18. And surprisingly I entered the land of hazy vision post my teens. It was really strange to wear specs and a feeling of something kept on my nose bridge each time. With time I got used to it and then I was introduced to contact lenses. Seeing my cousin’s use the soft lenses I always felt a pain when they removed the plastic material from their eye and took good care each time. It was so much of work.

My first time of using the soft lenses was not that bad as I was taught to wear by an experienced, and then in couple of days I was a perfectionist.  I did not need a mirror to wear it and my eyes stopped watering. A little ups and down but I was fine. So let’s get on to the crazy stories of losing contact lenses and some situations:

  1. Where should I start from, the most funniest time was I wore both my lenses on the same eye and after a while I was searching the right pair not realizing both were on the same eye- distracted by a phone call. I think that’s not even an excuse – How could I wear on the same eye??
  2. Initially, when I had just started wearing lenses, I would not know if it was really there. I would be under the assumption that the lenses are on but in reality it would fall on the platform and would never be found. I am sure many of us have been through that.
  3. While opening the lenses you have to be really careful, wash the soft lenses and put it back on the case. A friend of mine was half asleep while he opened it and put it on another case which had medicine in it. Some have put it on water too.
  4. I know people who have searched on you tube on:-How to wear lenses learnt it in a week or two.
  5. Has your lenses rolled up while itching your eye and the next you see it is beneath your eyelid and you have no solution around.
  6. Searching lenses is a trick which has to be learnt. After many years I have been a master in it, so when it falls on the sink or on the towel I can find it quickly instead of engaging four people with me.
  7. If you have not tried color contact lenses, you should totally check them out. I have worn it thrice and it is super amazing. The color alchemist, light brown and ocean green are the best bet. So what happened this time which forced me to write a blog on was I had both my color and normal lenses open in front of me. And when I was trying the green ones I accidentally washed the normal lenses. And there it was down the drain. I was speechless and surprised.
  8. And there each time I console myself that I will not lose my lenses with the same mistakes and take good care of them and make them last for a year. Hoping it works out this time. I am sure I am not the only one loosing contact lenses. There, that’s how you make yourself feel better.  Share in your stories if you have any

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