Kill your TV


Some people love watching television and can sit on the fat couch for long hours and some surf different channels on their bean bags having no idea of what is being shown, no such particular interest but just to pass their time and see if something good is coming up . And the best is when you are watching television while lying down and you just sleep off and get up terrified when you hear a scream after pressing the remote to the highest volume  in your dreams . So when we are controlling,we  don’t even stay for a minute on one channel and keep scrolling up and down. The remote is like a video game and we succeed only when the movie that we want to watch since a long time is on air or some show that we wanted to see. And there are some who don’t like to spend time on the box – term it as the idiot box. They read or are especially the ones who watch series on their laptops, do not have access to it as they are staying far away from home or host élites. So which category do you fall on?

TV has been one of the favorite time pass and entertainment for us. It’s said that a man in his normal life spends 9 years on an average watching it. There are number of different channels and to think about it television is one entertainment source which makes all age groups happy- children love the cartoons and can watch the hundred types of them day and night and the same episode again and again. It increases the spiritual side of the older generation and the music videos and movies are the best entertainer for youngsters. There are informative shows, comedy ones, news channels and the list go on. How can I forget about the reality shows which have made quite a few of us addicted and our evening schedule is packed. It’s so strange when you think about the – Black and white times. Imagine one right now – no colors on the screen, and only a couple of channels. I don’t want to think about it- but Charlie Chaplin on the television is good. Within 30 years the transformation has taken a height and television still seems the best way of communication, the best way to kill time but again for some of us who think its unproductive we chant the slogan – KILL YOUR TV.

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