De Interview issue :*


“The interview went really well” was my answer when my sister asked me looking at my face which was shining as soon as I entered the car. And then there were a set of questions from her. What all questions were asked?? What did you do when you had no clue what the interviewer was talking about??

I can hardly remember interviews given and answers written in an examination. You spend couple of hours preparing for it and once you give it, you are just through. There is no point analyzing it again, because nothing can be done and you can just prepare yourself well or present yourself better for the next time if you recap and think that the replies can be improved. So talking more about the experience of interviews, there are some really awkward situations:

  1. When there are three strangers sitting right across you, throwing questions from each end and you do not really get the time to think and whose question to answer first. This is when you have to be smart and be quick at answering all of them. It need not be correct but it just shows how confident you are in what you say.
  2. Where do you see yourself in five years? This is a cliche and a repeated one. We are so unsure of what is going to happen in a day, where life is so unpredictable, 365*5 is a long shot. If life was exactly as planned as we wanted it to be, things would have been different.
  3. There are times when the interviewer asks really weird and unrelated questions about our individual life. It’s appreciated that you like the company, and we could meet up for a coffee later but let’s get done quick.
  4. . The repeated questions I have been asked is – You are from Nepal. So what happened at the time of Royal Massacre?? Have you climbed the Everest?? I would love to but till date NO.
  5. What are your plans later? How long are you going to be around?? I have not yet joined and you are asking me how long I am going to stay. It’s similar to how much are you going to pay??
  6. If you do not know the answer, you don’t There is no point running around and talking something related to it.  As they know it all.
  7.  And lastly, being your self is the best part in an interview but not always. To survive this wicked world, you got to be witty, humorous, impressive and elegant and convinced on what you are talking. There, you will ace it.

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