Worry less:*


Each one of us are tensed about something or the other, there is never a time when we are really in that zone – happy and content. Even if we try to or if we are not the worrying types, the sub-conscious mind of ours keeps judging on different events. There are infinite thoughts that keep us busy all the time, in each phase of life or in each situation. We are always trying to pace with our inner thoughts. Starting from early childhood, we were concerned and conscious on not losing the best toy. The endless assignments and projects were a trouble, also trying to watch the favorite show in television was the next challenging bit.

Then the stage when we had to choose the field of study which helped us make our career was as difficult as studying for them. In addition to that giving out our cupid heart to the girl/guy who had no idea about it, trying to budget the best with the pocket money given, and the awkward conversation with a friend you wished you never started.

Then the mid –twenties which got you thinking about your personal and professional life, and I am sure there were so many views each day which crossed the mind of every young individual. We are never at peace, the want for more and desires keep rolling on a different direction once the previous one is fulfilled. Some are worried about jobs, the others who have a great job are waiting for promotion, the ones who get a raise, don’t like their job, and the ones who love their job are struggling. Few are worried of the country that they have been living at, anxious on what new policies will be formed, affecting the normal citizens. The other lot is upset about the disease that they have been detected with and the list just goes on.

So we are basically fighting with our own thoughts and trying to keep them balanced. In the process we become more liable and accountable. Eventually, the latter part is experienced where we are responsible for more than our self, responsible for a whole new set of members, and new circumstances where our priorities are different. All in all, a human mind is full of various thoughts, and the worrying is at each point, it is only the degree and intensity of it which increases. Even we have the best of everything, let us get in the habit of not worrying about today or tomorrow, as each day has enough to plan out for.

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Life happens:*


Recently I have been describing couple of writings with the lyrics of some tracks, I guess it is because the love for music is surely on the highest mode .When you listen to something and you love it so much, it definitely makes you happy, wanting to tune to that number all the time. You can keep guessing which song it could be, till then why don’t you guys let me know: Do you wish to be a child once in a while??

I am sure each one of us has that desire where we need not worry about anything in life. We would not care about things around us; no deadlines, no responsibilities, no judging, no explanation given to anyone on anything. That’s how simple a kid’s life is. They are stubborn, a wreck, the naughtiest one, but the innocence in their heart is to treasure. The inquisitiveness, knowing on what little things are all about, how, when and why to be answered together, laughing on the stupidest things, amazed by random tricks is the beauty that lies in them. Days go by and before you know you are old enough, you have already stepped into the vicious cycle of life. What remain are collections, stories and memories.

Life sure does change after a certain age. There are so many things that do not go as planned, some of us accept it easily and some of us take time to get used to it. Life might just hit you hard and see how strong you can get. For couple of us, we are lucky as things go by as we want, or I guess we are really happy as we accept the situations and take things lightly as it happens because worrying will not get you far. There is a child in each one of us and it gets hidden quite a few of times. Unquestionably, there are times when you are at the worst phase, nothing turning out correct, or say remotely fine, and each step of yours is so difficult, but come on , buckle up shit happens, and so does life.

~So live it up each day, love it endlessly, and grab each moment as your last~

P.S:- The song I was referring to is Brandon and Leah titled Life Happens. The lyric is beautiful.

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Which is your next favorite book??

If you are the lazy kind, who does not like reading, or would get a dozen of books of different genre, from the choices of many (not even your own), start with couple of pages and leave the bookmark on a certain side and never ending the book. Welcome to the club. A toast goes out to us.

We are not talking about course books, or a specific area, reading in general, could be a comic, newspapers, magazines, articles, blogs, travelogue, anything. There are quite a few of us who can read a 400 leaf volume in a night. The curiosity on what is going to happen next drives them insane till they don’t reach the end of it. It is just a habit and if you love spending a day on a book lazing in the cold weather with that perfect cup of coffee, you are a BOOK LOVER.

The majority would rather watch an episode or a movie which finishes in an hour or two and get done with knowing what happens rather than an entire day. We aren’t the ones who want to go to the bottom of the story, each scene in detail; the description need not be precise, but it should certainly connect the dots. We are the ones who love watching the monitor.

We know for sure that reading could be the best time pass, and is interesting and informative. We did try getting those Lord of the rings trilogy but alas, never could read past half the novel. How many of us have slept while reading couple of pages, I sure have. How many of us have novels which we have never read or borrowed from our friends and it is kept in the shelf till date?? I would vouch for the same as you guys are. And it is perfectly fine if you like watching the news instead of reading it, screening the movie Notebook (Nicholas Sparks) and seeing it with the favorite flavored popcorns of yours, checking the encyclopedia DVD or online searching instead of books. There is nothing to be embarrassed of and you need not make your hobby reading if you have tried and you think you are not up for that.

Nevertheless, when we say reading comes from within, it surely increases our vocabulary, speed to skim paragraphs, exercises our mind, memory improvement, improves our concentration level and the list goes on. Change your interest back to watching television/ on screen as you cut reading because you only know the name of the book and you are blank about the content inside. Go ahead if you love flipping those sides and reading novels, stories, and not because your resolution is to read every day.

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Stuck with each other :*

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The Lyrics of each song can describe our moments and situation so well, that most times we feel that it is just written and composed for us. Each journey can be described in some words and they are so apt that we would want to listen on a repeat mode each time.

So while listening to this particular track from Shontelle – Stuck with each other which has the chorus as below I was just thinking of people being into each other for a longer time than they intend to be. Here are the lines:-

Cause it’s too late, there’s no escape

Might as well face it,
We’re stuck with each other
Stuck with each other
Ain’t nothin you can do about it
It’s been too long, THIS IS too strong
Cause, we belong here,

We’re stuck with each other

Stuck with each other
Stuck in love with each other

You can definitely relate on what the article will be out. That’s right; we are talking about the phase “Still into you”. Certainly it depends on the nature of every individual, in general yet we can classify the group who come out really strong when they think they are the weakest and vice versa.

There are positions when we are in a relationship which is just going on and we want that break, the best option is to let go and move on. But the decisions of heart are harder than we imagine it to be. Even as we know it all, we understand that we are getting back to square one and beating round the bush about the same topic without any answers. Probably this is the first time we are confused, so perplexed on what should be done next or leaving things as they are.

In such situations some of us will make the tough choice, once and for all give it a closure. This might just be reflected after a few years. And some of us fear this conversation when everything is leading to broken hearts. After the end we might get back to accepting on being there for that one because the bond is so strong that we do not want him/ her to go away forever from our life. If this is the feeling you have ever been in, you are stuck with that person for a long time.

It is really difficult to be around that person when you are not dating him/ her. One out of many could be the circumstance where you do not want to leave that attachment and want to carry the relationship which can be molded in a nicer way.

images You sure have to be powerful and be ready to get hurt in time because it so happens that the behavior of your ex leaves an impact on you when you are friends with him. In some cases they do not want that finish, as they are hoping the link to get better with time. Just that beam of wish that everything will be alright in sometime. Either ways you are stuck with each other. And there is no one to blame, not even love.

That reminds me of the next song from One Republic with Counting Stars

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De freaking awesome road trip to the country side – Mini Switzerland in N.E.P.A.L – TRAVEL DIARY IV


Finally with some planning and fixing the date, we were all ready for the road trip that we wanted to go since a long time. As soon as we got to know that the snow falls in Mid February, we decided to pack our backpacks and get ourselves free that time. With so much of travelling already I was looking forward for this on my travel diaries. Each time I forgot to make a documentary at the picturesque places. It was surely not happening this time, I made a note of it and also made sure everyone made me remember. We were looking for some snow, a small hike, and the ride which had to be one of the craziest.


20140215_131236We started in the morning around 10’o clock from Bhaktapur and stopped on our way at Dulhikhel for a quick breakfast, it was a 20140215_134625nonstop ride post that. Crossed Dolalghat, Sukute, Kharichaur and couple of other places, the idiocy had already begun as we slept on the clear road, waving our hands for a lift, all for the fun of it. As we kept changing our partners on our rides, I wished I learnt how to ride a bike. It would be so cool to ride on the straight road. The view was splendid, with less pollution, green hills all around; different kind of green on terrace farming, mustard plants with the yellow tinge, the sparkling river at Trishuli, the waves and the flow of gushing water, crossing various camping resorts. The hilly view made us fall in love as we saw one rise partly covered with another. We were in awe as we crossed each path. We were getting to Charikot after a 4 hour drive (120 km towards east of K-town) and it started to drizzle so we had to stop at the nearby resort.



As we entered the resort, there were snowflakes falling. Each one of us went berserk over it as we had never experienced snow for20140215_172646 the first time. We went mad that we could feel snow. It started getting super cold but we did not care, we just stood on the drive way and played with the snow flakes. We were all set to go for a drive to a nearby spot after lunch, and the weather opened up. It was welcoming us. The sight was clear as the cold was getting lesser, and we could see whites on the pine trees, snow on the roads as cotton candy. We played with snow for a while and got back for some awesome music and conversations near the fire stand.



After one of the nights that we remember quite well, with gossiping, playing I have never ever, and fun talks, we were ready for the next day to leave for Kalinchowk. One of the best-est rides ever; we were in a heavenly place, which was covered with snow, roads, trees everything was enclosed in white. We could see the snow capped mountains, as we crossed Mude towards Charikot and after a certain patch which was foggy; there was no sign of snow. It was so amusing that one side was covered with snow and the other side it was not. The roads were pretty narrow and it was a trouble if two trucks had to cross. The ride was so frosty that we had never come across so we cancelled our further plan and got back home really soon. As we saw the sun rays on our way we were so happy and I guess we were never so contented to see the sun trying to make its way from the grey clouds.



Another wonderful night spent with insanity and we were so amazed how weather changed in no time. The mornings could not get better than the image we saw. It surely was bliss. We felt that we were in paradise seeing the majestic mountains in front of us which had a layer of clouds protecting them and it was right there. I have never seen a scene as magnificent as this. The place had turned all white, and the layer of snow was so fresh and shining, we did not want to step on them. I could vouch that place to be one of the romantic places as there were small table and chairs made with logs of wood.




As we were ready to get on our way back home, we made a last minute plan to go to Tatopani

20140217_135248and Khasa – wanting to be on two places at once, the travel was not that bumpy, one of the finest landscape with rocky hills all around, and the panorama view with snow capped which looked like a jewel on top. We were at the border finally and we checked that from the list too, and went to Tatopani on our way back. One of the memorable weekend ever and a perfect getaway with the awesome bunch.

P.S:: I am sure all of us have realized that nature has such wonderful gifts for us, but it can only be captured with our eyes and no other lenses.

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The day is for the crazy lovers around,

But I guess we can turn it upside down,

14th of February, on the date is booked,

Don’t you leave everything for Facebook?

The expressions and emotions are given out,

For the people in our lives who really count,

The ones who have been at each step and mile,

It could be anyone from past or present time.

Let them know how much they mean to you,

The love and support that was showered through,

With each moment, the bond and connection grows,

The eternal link is beautiful and can be burrowed.

Don’t forget to pamper and spoil yourself,

You need not wait for the man to caress,

The day of love should surely be celebrated,

By spreading love with the perfume scented.


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Singly together:*

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You must be wondering the title is so abstract, but you definitely need to read this article to get to know exactly what I am talking about. It’s yet another article about relationship and love coming up; it feels like blogging fever on love is definitely on, don’t really know about the love one.

Relationships are various types; some give us what we are looking for, some change our prospect to what being together is, some last longer than we thought it would. There is no term for the connection, there are times when you want to take it forward and it doesn’t happen, the situation does not permit or the mind stops your heart from falling more and there is no interpretation to it. We all have experienced that one time when we wished that the chemical reaction in our body and heart would end, but if it was so easy to just let go, love would have a different definition.

Coming back to the topic, the bond where you are exactly yourself, and loved for what you are, you have been given that perfect space in a relationship, where the decision is yours and the link is pretty strong and mature. It need not come with time but it is actually how two individuals together are, their nature and characteristics define them. They are the best examples of being independent and at the same time set free on each phase. It is all about trust, expression and communication by the end, isn’t it? The coolest bit in this relation is they can talk about anything and everything with no judgments and thought.

As every bit has two sides, with the fun and madness, when it does not work out at some point, it gets a bit hard to lose that special someone, because more than lovers, more than friends can be described well. This stage stays just for a while and is easier as compared to other relationship as they have been together yet led their single lives.

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Career change ahead:*


As kids we had a dream and we had an answer when anyone, even a stranger asked us what we wanted to become when we grow up. We were 6 but we knew the spelling of an astronaut, doctor, police, navy and army personnel, had a fair idea of what each profession is all about.

We probably had no clue on how to go about it, what studying was required but we were fascinated with that line of work. As time went by we started to know things were not as simple as we had imagined. There were quite a few of things to be taken into consideration but the pattern was mostly divided into 3 – the one who scored on the highest percentage bracket took up Science, the lazier ones would take arts, and the ones who were average in studies opted for commerce. This was a regular trend and it did change when children were encouraged to pursue what they loved doing, could be journalism, designing, fashion, whatever they wanted to be, where their passion was.

Some dreams are sketched by parents and some are our own. The best is when it is similar, the support and all the encouragement is higher. We all know each field requires dedication and hard work, when you attain it, or get closest to your aspirations, the satisfaction is beyond explanation. This part is the theoretical studying and we complete it with our devotion and ardor. While we start working on the same ground we might just not feel connected towards that occupation. Majority of students do not continue the stream that they graduate in. They take that plunge, that risk to go for something that they love doing and can see themselves carrying forward for their entire life. The work gets boring and monotonous when you don’t enjoy it. You do not want Mondays on the calendar, holidays to get over, clock to strike 5 P.M, when it is only 1 in the afternoons. Some realize they are not meant for desk work and some are happy with the routine life style.

The change in the career is the hardest decision because you are not sure that you will achieve success in something that you have chosen, how many more years is it going to take because you will be starting from the beginning, the scratch. There are many who have an option to quit and get on with what their passion is calling them to. And for some with the responsibility, independency, and financial stability the old job might be a magnet. Trust me, if you have that opportunity, take it. The ones who have taken that leap of faith and walked towards attaining the undreamt are the ones who have made history~

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De romantic escape:*


As the February fervour is on, and lovers are celebrating each day where it all started with Rose day followed by chocolates to soft toys and the list just goes on and on. It seems so amusing when there are people who are crazily in love and they just don’t like one particular day being celebrated for love. They think that a day is not required to pamper and shower gifts; Valentine’s Day is surely exaggerated is their thinking. I guess it is the same as celebrating your birthday right. You could live in each day to the fullest and you need not need one day to rejoice the day you were born. So, surely love each day and make that someone feel special each moment and do that on 14th February too, it’s not that tough, is it? Anyways, we will see if your mind changes or not for Friday, till then I wanted to share in some of the most romantic moments ever, could be straight from the TV-series, or the Hollywood movie that you watched last, but one particular moment that you always wanted or want to add on your crazy list or some crazier moments that you already had.

For instance, when the clock is about the struck 12 on the countdown of a particular occasion, could be New Years, Birthdays and you are waiting for that someone and he just makes it on time, or say he is travelling for 2 weeks for a vacation, and you realize that you want to meet him/ her for the last one time before they depart and you drive to the airport with that time crunch and you call him outside the immigration for that one glance or that hug (Sounds totally dramatic right). Now, I am not talking about Cinderella leaving that pair of her shoes and finding the prince charming .How about proposing by writing her name on the sand or a ring on the bottom of the glass that you are drinking from or say a message in the bottle? Some might sound cliché but these are the things girls would die for. I am sure there are lots of circumstances going on in your mind too as you have been reading this.

For me, there are numerous romantic moments that I can think about, but the top on the list would be proposing and saying it out to the world how much you are in love and how the other person is imperfectly perfect for you or the next one would be beach and the perfect view with dim lights and conversation which never ends under the moonlight:)

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So much for the happy ending:*

I wanted to write an article on this since so long, the longest I have remembered, and finally here it is. I have read quite a few of bloggers addressing letters to the society and how they feel about tying the knot. Here goes my observation towards the torture in the process of finding a guy.

We cannot really differentiate the process of finding a perfect match (If not perfect, close to ideal) in the society in terms of background especially in the Asian countries. It is the same everywhere. Once you are in that age group of completing one quarter of your life, the perception of you growing up starts changing drastically. Your parents feel that it’s an obligation to look out for a groom/ bride for their child. Since grandparents are little free, the only talk that they can have with their relatives or anyone that they meet is to search for a good family that they can start a new relationship with. So in short I am sure you have an idea of what this piece is going to be and I am sure there would be many who would share the same feeling.

“What do our parents think?”

They know us pretty well, and want what is best for each one of us. They are happy with the job that we are in or what so ever that we are doing, are proud of making us independent ones with the area that we excel in. It is more of the societal norms and family pressure that they drift away from their thinking process. They get stuck between taking a decision on supporting their kids or listening to their elders. They would love to find the one for her/him and would agree if our choice is a gem of a person.

“What do we think?”

We are trying to figure out where we belong, and what is our next step. Very confused with the path that we have chosen, and wanting immediate results on our career, we are dreaming big and wanting each one of it to come to reality. We are longing for support from everyone around us and hoping that they would understand how screwed can things get and the situations we are in. Nothing seems to be sure – the relationship, demanding profession, the switch from one job to another, we really do not want the burden of finding the person, because there are so many other things in life than getting married and we might have found ourselves. We totally understand how tying the knot is a beautiful bond but then why do we hurry, if we are not up for it. What is the point of dragging into it?

“What do our elders think?”

This is the right time or else it would be too late. So get on the hunt, find a nicer person and get them hooked. The seek out can go far ahead where you are being talked about to the people who have no freaking idea of how you are and what you do, what kind of a person that you are. They would look out for a nice family and how many connections do they have with that family and one of the utmost works (or should I say the only work) in their life is to bless you on your wedding day.

“What do strangers want?”

I so wonder, how people can be so inquisitive about others life. How does it really matter or why would they really want to know every detail about things not associated with them to the slightest. Attending the social gatherings, weddings are a scare for mid twenties as it feels that you are being the next target on the next topic. How conveniently they match two individuals when not having a clue what they want.

As I was describing how it works to a friend from Washington, he could not stop laughing the idea of arrange marriage. He was so amazed to hear that a portfolio is made of the perspective eligible bachelor and it is sent across the family. The search goes on and when couple of mutual friend on Facebook are contacted to know how the person is and some more information collected. Half of it might not be real because each one of us has so many dark secrets. Analysed and shortlisted, it is finally time to meet the person. The elders meet the boy and once they think he is a good choice the girl and boy meet and then it remains history. It is such a lengthy process, the tradition which has been going on forever.

P.S:: With this revolution, just give them some time as they know what they want from their life and what is best for them and the people around. Relationship cannot be forced into, it just comes from within. This leads to a

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