Which is your next favorite book??

If you are the lazy kind, who does not like reading, or would get a dozen of books of different genre, from the choices of many (not even your own), start with couple of pages and leave the bookmark on a certain side and never ending the book. Welcome to the club. A toast goes out to us.

We are not talking about course books, or a specific area, reading in general, could be a comic, newspapers, magazines, articles, blogs, travelogue, anything. There are quite a few of us who can read a 400 leaf volume in a night. The curiosity on what is going to happen next drives them insane till they don’t reach the end of it. It is just a habit and if you love spending a day on a book lazing in the cold weather with that perfect cup of coffee, you are a BOOK LOVER.

The majority would rather watch an episode or a movie which finishes in an hour or two and get done with knowing what happens rather than an entire day. We aren’t the ones who want to go to the bottom of the story, each scene in detail; the description need not be precise, but it should certainly connect the dots. We are the ones who love watching the monitor.

We know for sure that reading could be the best time pass, and is interesting and informative. We did try getting those Lord of the rings trilogy but alas, never could read past half the novel. How many of us have slept while reading couple of pages, I sure have. How many of us have novels which we have never read or borrowed from our friends and it is kept in the shelf till date?? I would vouch for the same as you guys are. And it is perfectly fine if you like watching the news instead of reading it, screening the movie Notebook (Nicholas Sparks) and seeing it with the favorite flavored popcorns of yours, checking the encyclopedia DVD or online searching instead of books. There is nothing to be embarrassed of and you need not make your hobby reading if you have tried and you think you are not up for that.

Nevertheless, when we say reading comes from within, it surely increases our vocabulary, speed to skim paragraphs, exercises our mind, memory improvement, improves our concentration level and the list goes on. Change your interest back to watching television/ on screen as you cut reading because you only know the name of the book and you are blank about the content inside. Go ahead if you love flipping those sides and reading novels, stories, and not because your resolution is to read every day.

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