Life happens:*


Recently I have been describing couple of writings with the lyrics of some tracks, I guess it is because the love for music is surely on the highest mode .When you listen to something and you love it so much, it definitely makes you happy, wanting to tune to that number all the time. You can keep guessing which song it could be, till then why don’t you guys let me know: Do you wish to be a child once in a while??

I am sure each one of us has that desire where we need not worry about anything in life. We would not care about things around us; no deadlines, no responsibilities, no judging, no explanation given to anyone on anything. That’s how simple a kid’s life is. They are stubborn, a wreck, the naughtiest one, but the innocence in their heart is to treasure. The inquisitiveness, knowing on what little things are all about, how, when and why to be answered together, laughing on the stupidest things, amazed by random tricks is the beauty that lies in them. Days go by and before you know you are old enough, you have already stepped into the vicious cycle of life. What remain are collections, stories and memories.

Life sure does change after a certain age. There are so many things that do not go as planned, some of us accept it easily and some of us take time to get used to it. Life might just hit you hard and see how strong you can get. For couple of us, we are lucky as things go by as we want, or I guess we are really happy as we accept the situations and take things lightly as it happens because worrying will not get you far. There is a child in each one of us and it gets hidden quite a few of times. Unquestionably, there are times when you are at the worst phase, nothing turning out correct, or say remotely fine, and each step of yours is so difficult, but come on , buckle up shit happens, and so does life.

~So live it up each day, love it endlessly, and grab each moment as your last~

P.S:- The song I was referring to is Brandon and Leah titled Life Happens. The lyric is beautiful.


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