Worry less:*


Each one of us are tensed about something or the other, there is never a time when we are really in that zone – happy and content. Even if we try to or if we are not the worrying types, the sub-conscious mind of ours keeps judging on different events. There are infinite thoughts that keep us busy all the time, in each phase of life or in each situation. We are always trying to pace with our inner thoughts. Starting from early childhood, we were concerned and conscious on not losing the best toy. The endless assignments and projects were a trouble, also trying to watch the favorite show in television was the next challenging bit.

Then the stage when we had to choose the field of study which helped us make our career was as difficult as studying for them. In addition to that giving out our cupid heart to the girl/guy who had no idea about it, trying to budget the best with the pocket money given, and the awkward conversation with a friend you wished you never started.

Then the mid –twenties which got you thinking about your personal and professional life, and I am sure there were so many views each day which crossed the mind of every young individual. We are never at peace, the want for more and desires keep rolling on a different direction once the previous one is fulfilled. Some are worried about jobs, the others who have a great job are waiting for promotion, the ones who get a raise, don’t like their job, and the ones who love their job are struggling. Few are worried of the country that they have been living at, anxious on what new policies will be formed, affecting the normal citizens. The other lot is upset about the disease that they have been detected with and the list just goes on.

So we are basically fighting with our own thoughts and trying to keep them balanced. In the process we become more liable and accountable. Eventually, the latter part is experienced where we are responsible for more than our self, responsible for a whole new set of members, and new circumstances where our priorities are different. All in all, a human mind is full of various thoughts, and the worrying is at each point, it is only the degree and intensity of it which increases. Even we have the best of everything, let us get in the habit of not worrying about today or tomorrow, as each day has enough to plan out for.

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