Practical in Love:*


Can love be practical? Do we really weigh the realism? The number of times that we have been in love, have we been afraid of losing him/her forever, has the thought of future, commitment stayed strong in our mind?? If yes, we are not realistic in love.

We need to get some things straight even when we are truly, madly, deeply in love. Firstly, we need to maintain that attachment with our buddies before we were in love. That cannot be replaced at all. Secondly, prioritize the other side of your life and take decisions, as you would if you were by yourself, be in love, but don’t make it your life.

Each relationship teaches us so much about living, adjustments and a set of compromises, as we are two different individuals leading the same path. It surely makes us stronger and examines us in situation we had never thought. So there is this phase in our teens, when we fall for that one person, when the cupid strikes us and we think that he/she is the best one ever. We cannot imagine our life without them. The activities are similar and with the passing years, as we mature, we realize that there is nothing called one and only.

We could hope that the chemistry works for ever, for some it does and I am sure each one of us have met childhood sweethearts who are crazily in love till date. They sure are the lucky ones. When the relationship does not work, we move on and let go. Its sure is hard but we make ourselves understand that it was never meant to be. With the happy memories and cherishing those lovely moments, we are in love with the single status.In few days of being single, we recognize what we were missing on. This again depends on how our previous relationship was. There are couples who are independent with their decisions yet together, more like singly together and being practical in love. If you fall in this category, it would surely be easier for you to get on with the hard times faster.

As love makes us do silly and stupid things at times, don’t take love for granted, and don’t think about it too much. We got to be practical because this love attitude will serve us the best.

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