So the big day is here, the day where the constitution is finally being made, Nepalese Constituent Assembly election, 2013 on 19th November. All the citizens of the country who are waiting for this day and for a stable government and situation as it’s been quite long we have been living without a permanent assembly.

There are quite a few of us who got up early in the morning, stood in the line for hours and did exercise our rights. It is so amusing to see some people who have no idea about the political parties but yet have to vote because it is their first time that they were doing so, getting inked on finger. They have no idea on what each principle of the party is, who all are standing for the election but they sure are flaunting their voters card. Also, the ones who are not around Nepal should have come back to vote, to franchise their rights and the ones who had to go to their native town should have gone to choose the leaders for the government to be formed. It’s better not to vote than to vote for the wrong person. It is the best when you feel you can vouch for that person and you think you can imagine that party treating the country as their family and taking care of each and every member of the house because it is their responsibility and that’s when they can be called as leaders.

And if you cannot think about a person who fulfills your criteria as we have loads of us who have not even bothered to vote this year, since there is no change that we are going to see in coming years. Maximum of my friends have not voted this year, and as they are not using their rights to vote, they have no right to crib about the situation and how things have been rolling. You got to choose your leader or you got to be one to see the change that you want to.

To think practically about the change, what are the things that you would want to start with from the everyday necessity starting from: – electricity, water, public transportation, allowances, street lights on the streets, eradicating poverty, freedom of movement in town and internationally. The list goes on and on. I can only visualize when we have electricity throughout the day; the citizens don’t have to think twice while returning home at 10 in the night as there are street lights around and public transportation plying, the place is so safe that you do not have to fear the bombings, the ones on streets being given shelter and not dying of cold, making the whole country developed and not just a part of it in terms of infrastructure, economy, safety. Since we have done what we could, we can only be hopeful for a better tomorrow and brighter years.

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Just say NO :*

wpid-say-no-when-appropriate2 (1)

So there are quite a few of us who speak our heart out each time, we are really true to ourselves and cannot be pretentious at all and the others who have the act of speaking and charming the crowd in no time. Be it a stranger, someone you have met so many times, you exactly know how to talk and get your work done or let’s just say leave an impact on the other one. That is actually a nice quality that one should possess and it works wonders at times.

On these terms the ones who have been diplomatic about things mostly stay the same. There are many of us who would vouch for being tactful in each situation because it demands it and you can’t force the correct view even if you know it is right. So that is how our human mind works and has been going on for years.

Giving it some more thought, there are quite a few of us who cannot say a NO, or deny to people or conditions. It is just so amazing how they can get stuff done even if they are not in position to. It is not a compulsion for them to do it, but they do it as they love helping people out and getting others out of trouble. There would be lots of us who can relate to these circumstances. A shout out going out to the ones who cannot disagree or rebuff – YOU CANNOT BE A SUPERHERO ALL THE TIME, BE PRACTICAL AND TAKE UP THOSE CHALLENGES WHICH YOU REALLY CAN AND WHICH REALLY MATTERS!! IT IS ALRIGHT TO DISAGREE, TO REJECT, AND TO COME UP WITH YOUR OWN OPINION.

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Hanging by the moment :*


The madness around with the love on the ground,

Takes my breath for a swing as each year goes down,

There is no question, no answer; the look says it all,

Every puzzle, each clues the conversation or a call.

There are events where things don’t go as intended,

With you being my side, it’s lesser crazier than it can bend,

These years has changed us what we are and made us a glory,

With each memory, we are making a new history in the love story!

Ups and downs, high and low, we are always on the flow,

It’s you at times, or me but the awesomeness which never goes,

I love you more than I can say; I love you as my heart whispers each day,

The poem is a token of another expression which came to my mind today !

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It feels so good to see a normal day around the K-town. We did rebel the bandha and here we are with a day which could turn out to be a day of strike of vehicles as the CA elections are coming up.. With police officers and army personnel around the city it surely has become easier for people to travel around and reach their destination. Children are going to their school, citizens going for their work, hustle- bustle around the city, vehicles plying without any disturbances. Each one of us are living our day as around the world but the difference is we have that fear that we are staying at, the confusion in the kids mind if they have a regular school day or should they be enjoying holidays for the next couple of days, people wanting to get back home safe to their family.

We are surely not breathing the air of being free as we act as the situation demands us to. We have no idea of the next day that we get up to will be an average one or not. An ordinary day looks like a day of terror. We might deny the fact; but we are scared of the bomb threat at different places, vehicles being torched at, and the sudden riots happening all around.

I am the last person to be talking about politics, but I know for one that the bomb scares are the most absurd and ridiculous way of acting in people’s life and threatening them. We have already seen so many problems around Nepal – from electricity, expansion of roads, water problem, and instability in government. And now we are going further on a next step for getting a solution to our problems, there are a group which are creating more. Is this how PEACE is maintained?? Have we forgotten our Hindu Kingdom was once called – Sundar, Shanta & Vishal!!

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E-mail is still the free stamp::*


I was so thrilled when I made my first e-mail account all by myself when I was 10 and till date I have been using that with other accounts added to the list. The password part was really tricky then and the first thought which came to my mind was why not the password put as password, and I am sure so many of us thought the same. The easiest to remember was the code kept. And with that we entered the world of messengers. Majority used MSN Messenger and some signed in through Yahoo. Internet had always made things simple and there we had ebuddy, Nimbuzz, all messengers in one. We could change our emoticons and wallpaper as we want on those messengers and set our status on different mode. Waiting for the other person to come online and waiting for hours was quite the internet experience. When you look back at the time, it’s not even been half a decade how things have drastically changed.

We have so many mails I.D’s that we need to keep a file where all the passwords are stored and probably a new password for the file. Even if we are not regular with the site or a new application we download it all. The number is just countless. It’s exactly like how we click pictures with our digital cameras and forget to filter them. Everything comes with a price, and if we use it wisely and to our needs, things would be so much easier. I hope someday we get the time to remove, delete the accounts or applications not in use.

There are so many social networking sites but nothing like Facebook which serves everyone. It’s a best place for kids to play games, teenagers to chat using the messenger, give us the news, recent happenings, free advertisement, campaigns and is sure an entertainment piece for all. How much ever we deny, each one of us seek attention, and it helps us getting that too!! The e-mails have decreased as the messages are sent through it, the memory of each part of our life is inscribed on Facebook and we surely can see our voyage in a diary and that diary is FACEBOOK.

P.S. Nothing beats than reading a personalized mail, none of the social networking sites can come with that !!

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Freeze the time ::*


Each day is an adventure and there is so much happening around us. Some days are just awesome and it goes exactly as we plan it to be, completing one task after the other and some are just the opposite – nothing is going correct since the beginning of the day. As you rewind the activities done during the day just before sleeping, the productivity of the day can be recalled. Some of us have the habit to reverse and give it a thought. It’s amazing how you learn from each day and don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Then there are other moments in our lives, where you wish you could freeze the time, as you do not want them to turn into lovely memories but you want to just stay there and hold on to that minute. It might sound dramatically, but each one of us has been there and would want to stay just at that time. It could be when you wanted something for a long time, someone’s gesture, somewhere you always wanted to go, or while you are nearing to your dream and you achieve it. It varies in each one of us. There is something special, the feeling is different and you know for sure you will never experience the same. And when such a moment happens in your life, the amount of happiness is beyond explanation. If you are living your day at your best and as you want things to be, I am sure such emotions keep coming time and again!

Undoubtedly there are loads of explorations, and the journey will have innumerable escapades and you would wish you could FREEZE TIME.Have you had any such moments ever?

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Have you ever thought of going to the space or the moon in this lifetime?? I sure have loads of time. It has been a fascination since I was a kid. Never have I thought of what am I going to do there, or how long do I want to stay, I just want to see the view, the lights from up there, and one glance from the moon. I want to stand on the spotless white beauty and choose which part looks awesome. People around me always tease me by telling me to change my profession to a scientist or an astronaut for the moon love.

There was this movie recently watched called the GRAVITY, and it is just unimaginable on what all happens in those 2 hours. The hawtest oldie George Clooney with his dialogues and the amazing actress Sandra Bullock has perfectly fit in their roles. Imagine you are at the space and unfortunately a satellite is destroyed, and it forms a catastrophic cloud of space debris. You are at the international space station, all protected, just by yourself; you have no one around, you are trying to get connected and the other side cannot understand you, your thoughts are just disappearing!! You think something is going to change, you want to relive each and every moment and you don’t know how!! There when I give it a thought, what would I do, I guess I would just be excited that my dream of the fantastic view from the moon was achieved and one from the list cut. What would you do, if you were alone and stranded and you knew there was no other way out!!

P.S:: I would love to spacewalk some day and yes, if you haven’t watched the movie, it is just amazing and the 3D effects are killer!!

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