So the big day is here, the day where the constitution is finally being made, Nepalese Constituent Assembly election, 2013 on 19th November. All the citizens of the country who are waiting for this day and for a stable government and situation as it’s been quite long we have been living without a permanent assembly.

There are quite a few of us who got up early in the morning, stood in the line for hours and did exercise our rights. It is so amusing to see some people who have no idea about the political parties but yet have to vote because it is their first time that they were doing so, getting inked on finger. They have no idea on what each principle of the party is, who all are standing for the election but they sure are flaunting their voters card. Also, the ones who are not around Nepal should have come back to vote, to franchise their rights and the ones who had to go to their native town should have gone to choose the leaders for the government to be formed. It’s better not to vote than to vote for the wrong person. It is the best when you feel you can vouch for that person and you think you can imagine that party treating the country as their family and taking care of each and every member of the house because it is their responsibility and that’s when they can be called as leaders.

And if you cannot think about a person who fulfills your criteria as we have loads of us who have not even bothered to vote this year, since there is no change that we are going to see in coming years. Maximum of my friends have not voted this year, and as they are not using their rights to vote, they have no right to crib about the situation and how things have been rolling. You got to choose your leader or you got to be one to see the change that you want to.

To think practically about the change, what are the things that you would want to start with from the everyday necessity starting from: – electricity, water, public transportation, allowances, street lights on the streets, eradicating poverty, freedom of movement in town and internationally. The list goes on and on. I can only visualize when we have electricity throughout the day; the citizens don’t have to think twice while returning home at 10 in the night as there are street lights around and public transportation plying, the place is so safe that you do not have to fear the bombings, the ones on streets being given shelter and not dying of cold, making the whole country developed and not just a part of it in terms of infrastructure, economy, safety. Since we have done what we could, we can only be hopeful for a better tomorrow and brighter years.

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