Just say NO :*

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So there are quite a few of us who speak our heart out each time, we are really true to ourselves and cannot be pretentious at all and the others who have the act of speaking and charming the crowd in no time. Be it a stranger, someone you have met so many times, you exactly know how to talk and get your work done or let’s just say leave an impact on the other one. That is actually a nice quality that one should possess and it works wonders at times.

On these terms the ones who have been diplomatic about things mostly stay the same. There are many of us who would vouch for being tactful in each situation because it demands it and you can’t force the correct view even if you know it is right. So that is how our human mind works and has been going on for years.

Giving it some more thought, there are quite a few of us who cannot say a NO, or deny to people or conditions. It is just so amazing how they can get stuff done even if they are not in position to. It is not a compulsion for them to do it, but they do it as they love helping people out and getting others out of trouble. There would be lots of us who can relate to these circumstances. A shout out going out to the ones who cannot disagree or rebuff – YOU CANNOT BE A SUPERHERO ALL THE TIME, BE PRACTICAL AND TAKE UP THOSE CHALLENGES WHICH YOU REALLY CAN AND WHICH REALLY MATTERS!! IT IS ALRIGHT TO DISAGREE, TO REJECT, AND TO COME UP WITH YOUR OWN OPINION.

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