Surreal Castle::*

images  The waves are so swift,

Our days all in a drift,

How we wish things were so fast,

The pelican take their class.





The steps in the sand,

Is said, engraved till the end,

And the sand castle built so strong,

Like our relationship which lasts long.

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The stars shining bright,

At the horizon quite in a sight,

Can sit around the whole while,

With a glass or two kept on the tile.


It’s just about fate and destiny,

It’s with each person and being,images (2)

Life is indeed made of cards,

No piece of cake and no easy rewards.


Treasure what you are blessed with

“Time at your disposal” is just a myth

Spread love and happiness each time,

And keep that smile at each mile.


Some decisions taken are not right,8a0e1034c6f3088b

The voyage at times is quite a fright,

Believe in your gut and sixth sense,

You are the master making your own fence!

Ultimate Projects:*

national-geographic-megafactories-everyday-iconsThere are so many manufacturing units and each one has its own area and specialty.  It’s just awesome how each one is structured and managed by a workforce. The last three industries that I had been too, made me write a blog. There are so many small and minor things in a product. It’s crazy and indescribable. And when we go out shopping, our choices are endless. And there the uncertainty starts.

There are documentaries made which comes in Mega – factories which show us how a product is made with perfection. The show is amazing. They are checked in each step and once it does not meet the criteria it is totally scrapped or that batch goes through the same department all over again. If there is one technical glitch in the instrument, it hampers the total production cycle and plan. Due to the time limit, the check and control lacks at times. Expertise are always on the premises, available for any repair or maintenance. There are thousands of people employed and each one has a unique role to play. And keeping the demands of the workforce is again a hard task. Proper supervision and monitoring is required for efficient work culture.

From food products to electronics to clothing each item has a different way of being assembled and created and we as consumers have no idea about the method and route of an article being made and the time spent. We only know about our unlimited wants and it is usually with a specific requirement or customizing what we fancy.


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