The time that we had spent,

Seems like it has gotten a bent,

The nights passed in a quick,

The endless talks across the wall of bricks.

The feeling so strong,

Kept us in a closed bond,

The connection so instant and fast,

Was rare to find around the place and in the past.

There was so much to share,

That it got us in a pair,

Analyzing on the next step and dare,

The relation we could not spare.

When emotions said out loud,

It was a one way cloud,

The answers left unattended,

And the heart was tainted.



I wonder love, I wonder:*

Every story comes to an end,

Be it with a twist or broken bend,

Every memory remains so clear,

Be it a holiday beach or the gear.


            How we wished it was easy,

           Wouldn’t have lived years so lazy,

           How we never thought times would change,

          So would the connection, charm and frame.

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 And here we are miles apart,

With different interests on the chart,

And here we are trying to live our own,

Without smiles, stories and talks across phone.


It’s amusing how we realize we don’t accept, don’t know,

The person that we recognize for long feels like snow,

Its crazy how something so pure, so strong,

Get washed away by some words, on a poem or a song.


Love for the place :*

The perfect sight from the balcony,IMG_4342

With a plate of chocolate and brownie,

The weather should stop playing games,

And give us a clear view of the lanes.


There, the drizzle has finally begun,

Love for water can never be gone,

A swim is what I need,

Lucky, I walk down and there it is.


The resort cannot be more beautiful,

With palm trees and lights to drool,

Once again I fall in love with the place,

Is it because of green or the open terrace?


On Vacation :*

A trip is a must
When you are all in a dustCurepipe
Every six months or quarterly
As soon as you take a leave with your daily!
Setting your mind free
With no thoughts and all in glee,
Enjoy,chill and just relax,
That’s what happiness is to the max !
Small things we forget while we get so busy,
With work and classes, life gets so noisy ,
Pamper and love yourself as never before,
With a massage or a vacation or much more !!

Surreal Castle::*

images  The waves are so swift,

Our days all in a drift,

How we wish things were so fast,

The pelican take their class.





The steps in the sand,

Is said, engraved till the end,

And the sand castle built so strong,

Like our relationship which lasts long.

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The stars shining bright,

At the horizon quite in a sight,

Can sit around the whole while,

With a glass or two kept on the tile.