I volunteer -here’s my story:*


It’s been four years since we started with the events at The KTM Drive. It feels so nice how a small idea which was discussed over a coffee turned out to be an eco-friendly drive where we gave about 200 tree saplings for free. The thought came up as we spoke about the dust and pollution while the reconstruction of the roads was happening and how it got hard for people to walk around town. This is when the ‘Go green’ awareness campaign started. We had no idea how one event led to the other, our idea expanded, and it was just not going green but other events which added to making the lives of the people greener. We have completed eighty events till date. As we work on the alternate weekends we have two events a month. KTM Drive is a concept. It’s an initiative started by a group of professionals with a common motive – to make Kathmandu a better place. Following are some of the activities:

  • Giving out free saplings at malls so people can multiply the plantation over time.
  • We have been associated with many schools wherein we have grouped children of certain classes and taught them how to plant. There has been monitoring sessions after and we teach the kids to go back home and plant trees if they have the space.plantation
  • We visit differently able centers and conduct various fun events with the kids. These flying-kiteshave ranged from fulfilling their wishes, drawing classes, Ice cream treat, craft classes, providing stationeries, showing them movies and providing them with hygiene kits. One of my best events has been flying kites with these kids during Dashain. It was so much fun being around these kids and spreading smiles.
  • We have been sponsoring thirteen children for their education. Eight of them are sponsored-kidsfrom Disabled Rehabilitation Centre and five are underprivileged but deserving students.
  • We love taking these kids to the zoo, Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Museum, given out mufflers, gloves, caps for the winters.
  • We are also connected with the elderly at Nisahaya Seva Sadan, wherein we love spending time with the elderly and getting their magical blessings. During Dashain, we got Saris for Aama’s and trousers for Bua’s.
  • We have conducted Eight Rucksack projects till date, wherein we give warm clothes to needy people on the street with food materials.
  • unnamed-1unnamed

The best part about being the founder member of this organization is the way the events take place. We welcome any idea that people want to share in. I make sure that everything is coordinated for the event; the sponsoring if required is available. The feeling of contentment and satisfaction that we get by the end of the day is beyond description. Life becomes more purposeful and the act of giving makes is meaningful. The best part about The KTM Drive is that there are no rules for the member; one can
join us in any event that they want. It’s very flexible. The amazing part is how kids whom we gave clothes last year, recognized us this year and wanted to be a part of our drive by helping us give clothes. Not only has The KTM Drive connected people, but it also has inspired many on its journey of four years. The factor that drives me is that there is so much to give, and the more that I have gotten involved in social activities; it feels that there is no end to it. The amazing part is how credible this organization is that we have sponsors from all around who haven’t me us yet. Our next big project in 2017 is building rooms for adult literacy in Kavre so that the residents empower and sustain themselves.


This is my story as a founder member of The KTM Drive.

To know more about us:-

Website:- www.ktmdrive.com                        Facebook.com/ktmdrive

Twitter.com/ktmdrive                                      Email :- info@ktmdrive.com


The choice is always yours:*

Lately, I have been asked a lot about my career change. These are the people I have met for the first time, some I have know for a few hours. The very certain questions are “After achieving a Chartered Accountancy degree, which is lot of hard work, why did you switch your stream?”, ”Why did you waste your six years and not study something that interested you?”. Some have also asked me about my Chartered Accountancy number while some still presume that I have not cleared my final papers.

I am so amused when these detailed queries come from professionals of this era. I understand that the change is drastic and it is difficult to digest for many. It was a very hard choice that I made, for myself. I was prepared for these situations but to think about it, how many of us are pursuing a career on what we majored in. There are many engineering students who opt for a master’s course in administration; similarly there are many science students who are doing well in commerce. This does not mean that they have washed out those four years of engineering. There could be various different reasons for switching, one could be the interest, and the other could be the market scenario for jobs. This does not mean that they have forgotten their learning, the knowledge still remains.


In fact, I feel blessed to be getting an opportunity where I could change my field of work. This is in terms of the family support that I received while making my decision. It was a difficult decision but it was mine and I feel proud of it today. I feel great to be having a degree in accountancy and working for advertising and media. With the combination of both of this I am ready to start my own venture in near future.

To recap on how did it all start is very interesting. As I was working for an audit firm in steve-jobs-dont-settle-quoteNepal, after three years of articleship already completed in India, I read a quote from Steve Jobs which said:- “I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”

This quote made me think and I needed that change. I knew what I did not want to do, but had to figure out what I wanted. With time I discovered my passion and I knew for certain that I wanted to travel, getting to know people, their culture, how each place had so much to offer. Travelling gave me a next level of energy and my passion. This is exactly how I screenshot_2015-03-24-07-37-45feel after my travel each time. There were two ways to go about it, one was travel writing, and other one was to be a travel host. I needed a professional career related to travel was what I knew. I explored my areas for a few months and somewhere the gate for advertising opened. And as it is said you shouldn’t give up on something already knocking at your door. It was a good start and it has been good so far. The love for travel still remains and is being pursued on every occasion I get. Soon, I will be on the roads and there my exciting story from accountancy to advertising to traveler will do its rounds. And yes, I would never say I wasted my time, I wanted to be a Chartered Accountant when I was eight, and I loved accounts, I still do. It’s just something I could not do forever. I am proud to be a member and affiliated to the Chartered Accountants and I know how much of hard work did go to get the initials of C.A before my name. And, if you are curious on the number, it is 157051~


The cup of destiny:*

Do you believe in future telling, palm reading, and tarot cards? Has this topic ever

fortuneinterested you? Most of our answers will be no when asked for the first time, yet there are many of us who visit priests to know about our future. One of the reasons that we go to the priests could be on the demands of the senior members of the family whereas the other one could be our own interest.

We would not want to accept but subconsciously the talks about our future does flow around our mind. There are different types of fortune tellers. Someone who would look into our palm, connect the lines and describe about how much money are we going to earn, how would our health be, and how prosperous are we going to be? There are some fortune masters who would exactly specify details about our past, on the attributes of our family members and personal matters which we would only know about. As much as it sounds spooky, there are people who have this power. I really do not want to study on how they do it, but it’s pretty strange.


images-5Tarot card reading is a fancier way of portraying the same thing and is a well earned profession in this era. There is ample studying for the person reading the cards to be telling our future and also some amount of luck on which card do we pull out of the stack.  It is surprising to see how we get fooled and accept what the cards have to say. How can a card guarantee that we will have enough money throughout? It’s a belief that we have, and whatever is told to us, is registered in our minds, and we attract the same. This is my theory over it.


If one doesn’t work there will be no income, similarly, if one doesn’t have a healthy

"Oh, I'm sorry...LIE, not DIE. Someone close to you will LIE tomorrow. Darn auto correct."

lifestyle, then the chances of getting sick are more. These are just some instances and we know it all. Why do we need someone else to reiterate the same thing? It is so amusing when people wear certain stones to keep themselves away from bad that might happen in their lives. Since the past is gone, nothing can be done about it, present is what we already know, and future is a surprise that we will get to know in no time. As we say time flies fast, future will come by faster. Don’t you think the future is already written and destiny cannot be changed?  Don’t you think it’s all about the Karma that you do?

In these modern times, when two people are getting married, the birth horoscopes are matched by families. Lot of families sees if the eligible bachelors are compatible with each other in terms of the time and date that they were born in. I still wonder what hypothesis goes behind this. Do you too?



How do you think the ’likes’ increase for a user on a Facebook page? Why are people facebook-statushappy if the likes on their photographs crosses hundred and fifty, hundred being a fast count these days?   What comes to ones’ mind to like a status or a post? Which frame of thought does one actually click the LIKE button in? All of this might be answered in this bloggers zone. I have had this question to myself for long and here are a few answers (Pun-intended on some).

  1. Someone who is on your Facebook list and likes each of your post, you tend to like what she/he writes too. I guess this is a form of gratitude that we give to the other one even if we hardly know them. We are somewhere obliged to be thanking for all the likes been showered by them: D
  2. Many of such likes that we give are half hearted, even if we genuinely don’t like something; we press the button because our mouse has reached the “like” section.
  3. Some of us are just bored and we start liking each and everything on our news feed.
  4. I feel it is one of the most easiest thing to do while you are on Facebook as it requires such less creativity, expression and most importantly no words.
  5. We like some posts of friends whom we adore, regardless if the matter just doesn’t make sense. This is just for the love for them.
  6. How can we forget the times that we love the picture, adore it to the core, but do not want to be the first one liking it, making us feel like a social addict?
  7. The notion behind like could be when the post is so popular that we forcefully click the like button as we are influenced by the other people liking it before us.
  8. The times when we are trying to get an attention from the long time crush that we have had. I am sure many of us have clicked the like for this reason.
  9. And then there is a point in time when we like somebody’s post as we favor them over nobody liking what they post.
  10. The long distance like is very common, when we want to give a shout out to our dearest and we do it in terms of like on their post.

There is a certain level of satisfaction and contentment to be seeing the likes on ones liking-your-own-facebook-statustimeline, while there are some people liking their own status right after posting it. That’s such a disaster move but people can do anything for online gratification. While writing this post, another question pops up in my head, which is :- How many people do you have this “liking” relationship with?

Stop the glorification of busy:*

We all have that phase in our life when we are super busy that we lose count of time. The weekdays pass so fast that the weekends are back again, making us feel like it was yesterday. This also happens when we plan our year in January with the list of things to be done throughout, and realize that we are already in the last quarter of the year, finishing only two things from the scroll.


It definitely makes us feel better when we comprehend about the events in our calendar. There are so many instances that have occurred that balances the thought. On a different note, twenty four hours in day, is very less for a lot of people involved in many activities.  There is ample that can be done in a day, if actions are prioritized, and the time is managed well. Irrespective of a good time management, there are many who want the day to last more than twenty four hours. If you fall under this category, how many hours do you think should be dedicated for an entire day?

There would be different set of answers from various people. Some would say even if the ccm5viuwiaavslhnumber of hours was to be increased; each individual would be busy as they were before, because these are people who are busy even if they are not. Some would opt for a lesser time frame in a day, because they do not have much to be done. These are the set of individuals who get bored easily and one of the aspects that need to be understood is the reasons of their boredom. There are so many things that one can get involved in if they want to. The last set will make the most of the time.


These are the set which utilize each moment productively. They feel that every minute gone can never be achieved and value every second. To think about it and rationalize, an average life expectancy of a person is 65 years, which in total is 23725 days. Most of us have completed half of it which makes it 11862 days only. Calculating in terms of minutes it is only 284700 minutes. It is so difficult for us to accept that this is the only time that we are left with.

If we keep analyzing and counting this, we will surely understand how important it is to live life with the things that we love doing. Every minute lost to find what we are passionate about is better than every minute passed doing the everyday norm.