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I was so thrilled when I made my first e-mail account all by myself when I was 10 and till date I have been using that with other accounts added to the list. The password part was really tricky then and the first thought which came to my mind was why not the password put as password, and I am sure so many of us thought the same. The easiest to remember was the code kept. And with that we entered the world of messengers. Majority used MSN Messenger and some signed in through Yahoo. Internet had always made things simple and there we had ebuddy, Nimbuzz, all messengers in one. We could change our emoticons and wallpaper as we want on those messengers and set our status on different mode. Waiting for the other person to come online and waiting for hours was quite the internet experience. When you look back at the time, it’s not even been half a decade how things have drastically changed.

We have so many mails I.D’s that we need to keep a file where all the passwords are stored and probably a new password for the file. Even if we are not regular with the site or a new application we download it all. The number is just countless. It’s exactly like how we click pictures with our digital cameras and forget to filter them. Everything comes with a price, and if we use it wisely and to our needs, things would be so much easier. I hope someday we get the time to remove, delete the accounts or applications not in use.

There are so many social networking sites but nothing like Facebook which serves everyone. It’s a best place for kids to play games, teenagers to chat using the messenger, give us the news, recent happenings, free advertisement, campaigns and is sure an entertainment piece for all. How much ever we deny, each one of us seek attention, and it helps us getting that too!! The e-mails have decreased as the messages are sent through it, the memory of each part of our life is inscribed on Facebook and we surely can see our voyage in a diary and that diary is FACEBOOK.

P.S. Nothing beats than reading a personalized mail, none of the social networking sites can come with that !!

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