Freeze the time ::*


Each day is an adventure and there is so much happening around us. Some days are just awesome and it goes exactly as we plan it to be, completing one task after the other and some are just the opposite – nothing is going correct since the beginning of the day. As you rewind the activities done during the day just before sleeping, the productivity of the day can be recalled. Some of us have the habit to reverse and give it a thought. It’s amazing how you learn from each day and don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Then there are other moments in our lives, where you wish you could freeze the time, as you do not want them to turn into lovely memories but you want to just stay there and hold on to that minute. It might sound dramatically, but each one of us has been there and would want to stay just at that time. It could be when you wanted something for a long time, someone’s gesture, somewhere you always wanted to go, or while you are nearing to your dream and you achieve it. It varies in each one of us. There is something special, the feeling is different and you know for sure you will never experience the same. And when such a moment happens in your life, the amount of happiness is beyond explanation. If you are living your day at your best and as you want things to be, I am sure such emotions keep coming time and again!

Undoubtedly there are loads of explorations, and the journey will have innumerable escapades and you would wish you could FREEZE TIME.Have you had any such moments ever?

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