Have you ever thought of going to the space or the moon in this lifetime?? I sure have loads of time. It has been a fascination since I was a kid. Never have I thought of what am I going to do there, or how long do I want to stay, I just want to see the view, the lights from up there, and one glance from the moon. I want to stand on the spotless white beauty and choose which part looks awesome. People around me always tease me by telling me to change my profession to a scientist or an astronaut for the moon love.

There was this movie recently watched called the GRAVITY, and it is just unimaginable on what all happens in those 2 hours. The hawtest oldie George Clooney with his dialogues and the amazing actress Sandra Bullock has perfectly fit in their roles. Imagine you are at the space and unfortunately a satellite is destroyed, and it forms a catastrophic cloud of space debris. You are at the international space station, all protected, just by yourself; you have no one around, you are trying to get connected and the other side cannot understand you, your thoughts are just disappearing!! You think something is going to change, you want to relive each and every moment and you don’t know how!! There when I give it a thought, what would I do, I guess I would just be excited that my dream of the fantastic view from the moon was achieved and one from the list cut. What would you do, if you were alone and stranded and you knew there was no other way out!!

P.S:: I would love to spacewalk some day and yes, if you haven’t watched the movie, it is just amazing and the 3D effects are killer!!

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