It feels so good to see a normal day around the K-town. We did rebel the bandha and here we are with a day which could turn out to be a day of strike of vehicles as the CA elections are coming up.. With police officers and army personnel around the city it surely has become easier for people to travel around and reach their destination. Children are going to their school, citizens going for their work, hustle- bustle around the city, vehicles plying without any disturbances. Each one of us are living our day as around the world but the difference is we have that fear that we are staying at, the confusion in the kids mind if they have a regular school day or should they be enjoying holidays for the next couple of days, people wanting to get back home safe to their family.

We are surely not breathing the air of being free as we act as the situation demands us to. We have no idea of the next day that we get up to will be an average one or not. An ordinary day looks like a day of terror. We might deny the fact; but we are scared of the bomb threat at different places, vehicles being torched at, and the sudden riots happening all around.

I am the last person to be talking about politics, but I know for one that the bomb scares are the most absurd and ridiculous way of acting in people’s life and threatening them. We have already seen so many problems around Nepal – from electricity, expansion of roads, water problem, and instability in government. And now we are going further on a next step for getting a solution to our problems, there are a group which are creating more. Is this how PEACE is maintained?? Have we forgotten our Hindu Kingdom was once called – Sundar, Shanta & Vishal!!

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