Stuck with each other :*

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The Lyrics of each song can describe our moments and situation so well, that most times we feel that it is just written and composed for us. Each journey can be described in some words and they are so apt that we would want to listen on a repeat mode each time.

So while listening to this particular track from Shontelle – Stuck with each other which has the chorus as below I was just thinking of people being into each other for a longer time than they intend to be. Here are the lines:-

Cause it’s too late, there’s no escape

Might as well face it,
We’re stuck with each other
Stuck with each other
Ain’t nothin you can do about it
It’s been too long, THIS IS too strong
Cause, we belong here,

We’re stuck with each other

Stuck with each other
Stuck in love with each other

You can definitely relate on what the article will be out. That’s right; we are talking about the phase “Still into you”. Certainly it depends on the nature of every individual, in general yet we can classify the group who come out really strong when they think they are the weakest and vice versa.

There are positions when we are in a relationship which is just going on and we want that break, the best option is to let go and move on. But the decisions of heart are harder than we imagine it to be. Even as we know it all, we understand that we are getting back to square one and beating round the bush about the same topic without any answers. Probably this is the first time we are confused, so perplexed on what should be done next or leaving things as they are.

In such situations some of us will make the tough choice, once and for all give it a closure. This might just be reflected after a few years. And some of us fear this conversation when everything is leading to broken hearts. After the end we might get back to accepting on being there for that one because the bond is so strong that we do not want him/ her to go away forever from our life. If this is the feeling you have ever been in, you are stuck with that person for a long time.

It is really difficult to be around that person when you are not dating him/ her. One out of many could be the circumstance where you do not want to leave that attachment and want to carry the relationship which can be molded in a nicer way.

images You sure have to be powerful and be ready to get hurt in time because it so happens that the behavior of your ex leaves an impact on you when you are friends with him. In some cases they do not want that finish, as they are hoping the link to get better with time. Just that beam of wish that everything will be alright in sometime. Either ways you are stuck with each other. And there is no one to blame, not even love.

That reminds me of the next song from One Republic with Counting Stars

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