De freaking awesome road trip to the country side – Mini Switzerland in N.E.P.A.L – TRAVEL DIARY IV


Finally with some planning and fixing the date, we were all ready for the road trip that we wanted to go since a long time. As soon as we got to know that the snow falls in Mid February, we decided to pack our backpacks and get ourselves free that time. With so much of travelling already I was looking forward for this on my travel diaries. Each time I forgot to make a documentary at the picturesque places. It was surely not happening this time, I made a note of it and also made sure everyone made me remember. We were looking for some snow, a small hike, and the ride which had to be one of the craziest.


20140215_131236We started in the morning around 10’o clock from Bhaktapur and stopped on our way at Dulhikhel for a quick breakfast, it was a 20140215_134625nonstop ride post that. Crossed Dolalghat, Sukute, Kharichaur and couple of other places, the idiocy had already begun as we slept on the clear road, waving our hands for a lift, all for the fun of it. As we kept changing our partners on our rides, I wished I learnt how to ride a bike. It would be so cool to ride on the straight road. The view was splendid, with less pollution, green hills all around; different kind of green on terrace farming, mustard plants with the yellow tinge, the sparkling river at Trishuli, the waves and the flow of gushing water, crossing various camping resorts. The hilly view made us fall in love as we saw one rise partly covered with another. We were in awe as we crossed each path. We were getting to Charikot after a 4 hour drive (120 km towards east of K-town) and it started to drizzle so we had to stop at the nearby resort.



As we entered the resort, there were snowflakes falling. Each one of us went berserk over it as we had never experienced snow for20140215_172646 the first time. We went mad that we could feel snow. It started getting super cold but we did not care, we just stood on the drive way and played with the snow flakes. We were all set to go for a drive to a nearby spot after lunch, and the weather opened up. It was welcoming us. The sight was clear as the cold was getting lesser, and we could see whites on the pine trees, snow on the roads as cotton candy. We played with snow for a while and got back for some awesome music and conversations near the fire stand.



After one of the nights that we remember quite well, with gossiping, playing I have never ever, and fun talks, we were ready for the next day to leave for Kalinchowk. One of the best-est rides ever; we were in a heavenly place, which was covered with snow, roads, trees everything was enclosed in white. We could see the snow capped mountains, as we crossed Mude towards Charikot and after a certain patch which was foggy; there was no sign of snow. It was so amusing that one side was covered with snow and the other side it was not. The roads were pretty narrow and it was a trouble if two trucks had to cross. The ride was so frosty that we had never come across so we cancelled our further plan and got back home really soon. As we saw the sun rays on our way we were so happy and I guess we were never so contented to see the sun trying to make its way from the grey clouds.



Another wonderful night spent with insanity and we were so amazed how weather changed in no time. The mornings could not get better than the image we saw. It surely was bliss. We felt that we were in paradise seeing the majestic mountains in front of us which had a layer of clouds protecting them and it was right there. I have never seen a scene as magnificent as this. The place had turned all white, and the layer of snow was so fresh and shining, we did not want to step on them. I could vouch that place to be one of the romantic places as there were small table and chairs made with logs of wood.




As we were ready to get on our way back home, we made a last minute plan to go to Tatopani

20140217_135248and Khasa – wanting to be on two places at once, the travel was not that bumpy, one of the finest landscape with rocky hills all around, and the panorama view with snow capped which looked like a jewel on top. We were at the border finally and we checked that from the list too, and went to Tatopani on our way back. One of the memorable weekend ever and a perfect getaway with the awesome bunch.

P.S:: I am sure all of us have realized that nature has such wonderful gifts for us, but it can only be captured with our eyes and no other lenses.

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