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You must be wondering the title is so abstract, but you definitely need to read this article to get to know exactly what I am talking about. It’s yet another article about relationship and love coming up; it feels like blogging fever on love is definitely on, don’t really know about the love one.

Relationships are various types; some give us what we are looking for, some change our prospect to what being together is, some last longer than we thought it would. There is no term for the connection, there are times when you want to take it forward and it doesn’t happen, the situation does not permit or the mind stops your heart from falling more and there is no interpretation to it. We all have experienced that one time when we wished that the chemical reaction in our body and heart would end, but if it was so easy to just let go, love would have a different definition.

Coming back to the topic, the bond where you are exactly yourself, and loved for what you are, you have been given that perfect space in a relationship, where the decision is yours and the link is pretty strong and mature. It need not come with time but it is actually how two individuals together are, their nature and characteristics define them. They are the best examples of being independent and at the same time set free on each phase. It is all about trust, expression and communication by the end, isn’t it? The coolest bit in this relation is they can talk about anything and everything with no judgments and thought.

As every bit has two sides, with the fun and madness, when it does not work out at some point, it gets a bit hard to lose that special someone, because more than lovers, more than friends can be described well. This stage stays just for a while and is easier as compared to other relationship as they have been together yet led their single lives.

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