Career change ahead:*


As kids we had a dream and we had an answer when anyone, even a stranger asked us what we wanted to become when we grow up. We were 6 but we knew the spelling of an astronaut, doctor, police, navy and army personnel, had a fair idea of what each profession is all about.

We probably had no clue on how to go about it, what studying was required but we were fascinated with that line of work. As time went by we started to know things were not as simple as we had imagined. There were quite a few of things to be taken into consideration but the pattern was mostly divided into 3 – the one who scored on the highest percentage bracket took up Science, the lazier ones would take arts, and the ones who were average in studies opted for commerce. This was a regular trend and it did change when children were encouraged to pursue what they loved doing, could be journalism, designing, fashion, whatever they wanted to be, where their passion was.

Some dreams are sketched by parents and some are our own. The best is when it is similar, the support and all the encouragement is higher. We all know each field requires dedication and hard work, when you attain it, or get closest to your aspirations, the satisfaction is beyond explanation. This part is the theoretical studying and we complete it with our devotion and ardor. While we start working on the same ground we might just not feel connected towards that occupation. Majority of students do not continue the stream that they graduate in. They take that plunge, that risk to go for something that they love doing and can see themselves carrying forward for their entire life. The work gets boring and monotonous when you don’t enjoy it. You do not want Mondays on the calendar, holidays to get over, clock to strike 5 P.M, when it is only 1 in the afternoons. Some realize they are not meant for desk work and some are happy with the routine life style.

The change in the career is the hardest decision because you are not sure that you will achieve success in something that you have chosen, how many more years is it going to take because you will be starting from the beginning, the scratch. There are many who have an option to quit and get on with what their passion is calling them to. And for some with the responsibility, independency, and financial stability the old job might be a magnet. Trust me, if you have that opportunity, take it. The ones who have taken that leap of faith and walked towards attaining the undreamt are the ones who have made history~

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