De romantic escape:*


As the February fervour is on, and lovers are celebrating each day where it all started with Rose day followed by chocolates to soft toys and the list just goes on and on. It seems so amusing when there are people who are crazily in love and they just don’t like one particular day being celebrated for love. They think that a day is not required to pamper and shower gifts; Valentine’s Day is surely exaggerated is their thinking. I guess it is the same as celebrating your birthday right. You could live in each day to the fullest and you need not need one day to rejoice the day you were born. So, surely love each day and make that someone feel special each moment and do that on 14th February too, it’s not that tough, is it? Anyways, we will see if your mind changes or not for Friday, till then I wanted to share in some of the most romantic moments ever, could be straight from the TV-series, or the Hollywood movie that you watched last, but one particular moment that you always wanted or want to add on your crazy list or some crazier moments that you already had.

For instance, when the clock is about the struck 12 on the countdown of a particular occasion, could be New Years, Birthdays and you are waiting for that someone and he just makes it on time, or say he is travelling for 2 weeks for a vacation, and you realize that you want to meet him/ her for the last one time before they depart and you drive to the airport with that time crunch and you call him outside the immigration for that one glance or that hug (Sounds totally dramatic right). Now, I am not talking about Cinderella leaving that pair of her shoes and finding the prince charming .How about proposing by writing her name on the sand or a ring on the bottom of the glass that you are drinking from or say a message in the bottle? Some might sound cliché but these are the things girls would die for. I am sure there are lots of circumstances going on in your mind too as you have been reading this.

For me, there are numerous romantic moments that I can think about, but the top on the list would be proposing and saying it out to the world how much you are in love and how the other person is imperfectly perfect for you or the next one would be beach and the perfect view with dim lights and conversation which never ends under the moonlight:)

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