Water, water everywhere not a drop to drink:*


I was amazed when I heard that the 20 liters jar of water was on shortage because of the strike by the private water suppliers. I did not want to question nor did I want to know what the reason was because most of the things are out of your reach and it’s the best to take your own precautions and be cautious. Large sections of the society who survive on water from the suppliers were struggling to meet their daily needs. They were helpless, but nothing could be done. We actually know the importance when we do not have it. If we rewind our everyday routine there are so many instances where we can save water.

Starting from the time we get up, the running of tap when we are brushing, the endless music-showering on Saturdays (We all love a leisure bath, but twice a week results in wastage of water), and then not checking the stopper while we are leaving the house, throwing the drinking water in each meal when half a glass is good for us, and also while washing the clothes and utensils, we need to create awareness around us. There are times when the drinking water which is taken in a truck is leaking and it leaves a trail. And there are times when people have to stand in a line for 4 hours after walking 4 kms and they get to fill only a bucket of water.  We need to take care of our needs, we need to start water harvesting if we have not. We need to find new ways, adapt, preserve, and save.

If you have not watched the movie 127 hours, which is based on the true story of a mountaineer Aron Lee Ralston, is a must watch. It’s how he gets trapped on a canyon and spends 127 hours with his hand in between the rock and tries everything and anything to keep him alive with the limited food and water that he has. His willpower keeps him going and he gets out of the canyon with one of his hand. And that’s when we realize the treasure of small precious things in life !!

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