Losing those calories


As I entered the gym on my first day keeping targets for a time of three months, I started visualizing the fit me and that drove me towards the club. Since I am a person who loves change in life, I have tried out various kinds of exercises from aerobics to swimming, zumba to playing squash and jogging each day. None of it has helped me lose weight. They have kept me healthy and made me fresh each morning before I start my day off .So, I thought why not start with the fitness center since I need to shred those calories. I am a very patient member when it comes to obtaining results, each activity takes time and I stay prepared for it. So that part is always taken care of.

On my way of learning the basic stretching I heard a conversation: It has been quite some time and I am not reducing at all. There are people who have reduced some kgs by now. The trainer was trying to make her understand that each body has its own type and some reduce faster and some take time. It’s on the food that you eat and your diet for the day which is the most important factor. What made me think was the comparison that we keep having as individuals are quite strange. In each walk of life, on anything that you are doing there seems to be a competitive level, when two people are doing the same thing. We look out for the results of others and forget about the betterment of ours. If we concentrate on our shortfalls and realize where we are going wrong or if we are happy with our feat there would be no judgments.

Hit the exercise room each day, get your body toned and don’t care how much you are losing as long as you feel refreshed and energized!

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