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Quite a few of us have our future all sorted and the picture of the unknown is right in front of us. We are relaxed and we do not worry about anything as our plans are fixed and definite. When one phase gets over we have another phase all set. No struggle, not much of a thought, as quite a few of thinking has been done earlier, life is simple and easy. There are times when things do not work as planned, our fate turns tables, and we seek for options, alternatives. We so want things to happen as we had imagined, because we never thought of such a situation wherein we will have to compromise and adjust, not being able to carry things as the way we wanted. We do not want to let go our dream, we do not want to crush the idea and we attempt lots of avenue to get things done, to come nearer to our path, our road. And after trying a couple of times there seem no chance. At these moments we should just let go, we should concentrate on other things. I believe giving in our best is what an individual can do, and the rest is left on destiny.  If something is to happen someday, it will definitely take place. There is no point forcing it. There is no point arguing why. There is always something good which is in store for us, something which was better than our plan.

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