It’s been long 90 days without you

Every member of the family misses him dearly, in their own way. No one expresses it much but I can feel it in everyone’s daily life and schedule. Every morning when I get up, I feel he is gone out for a walk, when I go out for my workout, I presume he is doing his accounts in the study room, when I leave home for my work, I make myself believe that he has already left for his office. When I get back home in the evening, which I just don’t feel like, because my conscious knows that I am not going to see him, yet my sub- conscious expects him to be there asking me the reason on why I was late, yet again. With all the consolations that I give myself, I know for the fact that he wouldn’t be in the living room when I presume he is and the hide and seek that we have been playing will come to an end.

It’s been three months and it feels like years that I haven’t seen papa. It feels like eternity to mom. Each one of us have had our own connections and this can never be replaced. No one can take place of the person who is gone even if they try to. The amusing bit is how life keeps moving on, and there are the same things that are happening without the presence of an individual. I am not saying that people should stop living, but should learn the art of living. We have yet not fully realized that life can just come to an end and one’s breath can randomly stop when we experienced it in front of ourselves.

There are many people who make a visit and talk fondly about him. They say how they are inspired with his style of living and this was unfair on his life. I feel the same, and I question God on how did he make him leave half- way when he had promised mom that he would be there till the end of their journey.

What I also feel is, he has left behind a lesson for each one of us and it is on us to practice or not. We need to be ready for the most brutal truth in mankind which is an end that is waiting to happen, if not in some years, could be in few months. I am certain his requirement was at a bigger place and the time he was here made everyone learn what patience is, discipline means, perfectionist it is to be in anything and everything. He was the best human I have met in my entire life, his dad’s favorite, his younger daughters beloved, the connector of the entire family.  I miss you every single moment and I am so blessed and grateful to be yours. I want your vacation to be over because I have so much to tell you, and will do that when I see you again, my superhero.

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