As I entered the café during my weekend I read a quote which said: – It’s not about “HAVING” time, it’s about “MAKING” time. This quote made me think about how many of us do not value time. Some procrastinate jobs and leave it for latter moment in life and some fail on time management. This delays tasks than we have imagined and the deadline for doing a particular work keeps elongating.

How are we so busy? What is the main factor that is killing the management of time? How can twenty-four hours in a day seem so short? How can a person be involved in five different things of his/ her interest in an entire day with focus? The partial answer to all of these question is the usage of phone. The average use of the phone is five hours in a day, which is roughly one third of total waking hours. Now one would question on how many times does an individual check their phone every day. If one estimates 50 times they need to double it up, that is when one might be getting close. These are all habits and programmed behavior that we have no alertness of. There are certain short term activities of 30 seconds while some spend hours while they were only checking if there was a message in their phone.

We don’t realize how minutes become thirty and there is least productivity that has happened. It not only impairs attention and memory but also reduces sleep quality. Most of our moment in the day is spent on the mobile phone, whether we are with people, whether we are enjoying a good meal at the restaurant. We have become so mobile that we have forgotten to be present in the moment.

The statistics says that 57% people do not need an alarm clock, and 50% people no longer wear watches. With the smartphones offering everything that is required on an everyday basis, the time spent on mobile phones will only increase. I wish we could reduce the time spent on mobile phone to the minimum as we spent 23 days in a year on the phone. I wonder how many years of our time will we spent on phones in the decade to come?

So let’s do ourselves a favor and try to unplug from that tiny little screen for a bit. We may be amazed at how much more we can accomplish with an extra few undistracted hours in our day.

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