There is nothing certain; but the uncertain:*

We all know life is uncertain yet we fail to accept it fully. It is clear that anything can happen any moment in time, yet we chase after the material pleasures ignoring the simplest things in life. Many say life is complicated and confusing but when we give a thought with an open mind, it is pretty clear. Each one of us have different motive towards life. Some want to gain wealth, while some want to be famous and known. All of this leads to the most important thing that is happiness that we all live for.

It is strange how our curriculum of education has forgotten the most significant factors of life. They hardly focus on teaching students to do what they love to do which in return gives the child happiness. They do not explain how beautiful the nature is that they are blessed with.  They do not state how important breathing is and they should value every second of it. They forget that happiness can be found in the smallest of things instead they are pressurized to score better and excel in academics. This race does not get over in school but goes on throughout one’s life time. Many students stress over the placement in college, and when that is over, their worry is the deadline and performance for higher recognition and promotions. This might result in long time hours at work and one failing to balance between work and personal life. We tend to forget that our ultimate motto is and always has been happiness.

There are very few people who follow what they love to do or who are satisfied with what they have been doing. There is always a want for more and this never ends. That could be the reason that the entire focus of life becomes work for an individual one point in time. Apart from work, there are hundreds of different things that one keeps thinking on and worrying about. There are many responsibilities and duties one needs to fulfill with the passage of time. The quality of life can be determined when one enjoys their time while doing so.

We should realize that with these the days will pass by, so will years, and in no time we will be almost on the latter part of our life. Only if we are lucky and if our destiny permits, we will get the time to experience the different phases of life, if not we would not even know when it will get over. I am sure while reading this piece, the realization of how short our life is and the thought of what we can do to make it happier is at the highest level. The thought of how we have been missing out on the basics that we have been honored with must be revolving.

Alas, the sad part of this is that the thought stays for the least amount of time and we forget the words “Life is uncertain, and we need to live it to the most”. We forget that this is the reality that we have been overlooking when we are literally not sure about the next second in our day.

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