With the changing times::*

And while I just wrote about Generation gap on my last post, it’s just so fascinating when we look over the things that have changed around in a few years. Seriously, there are quite a few of things that amaze me. These are all incidents of personal practice. I still remember how we had typewriter classes in school and the kids now must not have even seen it. It is a compulsory rule to own a laptop in today’s date. Here, there is no comparison between technologies, it’s just citing out various instances which has changed quite a bit.

There was a time, when we pulled out the ink bottle and dipped our fountain pen and there was a trick of filling the ink in the pen. We had to be really careful at it and it was such a messy work, usually the ink blot getting spread on the paper or the skirt’s pocket.  And now we just have been using gel and ball pens and the ink bottles are rare to be seen.

The usage of mobile phone and the everyday launch of new technology are overwhelming. There is so much that one can do with the device and there was a time, it feels like an era now, that we hoped for getting a cell-phone. And I, myself have changed about 5 to 6 of them till now. Everyone has a cellular device these days. No doubt, it makes things easier and has its own benefits but there are so many of us who are glued onto it for hours and hours not thinking that the future impact of it is going to be worse. We can see people in their headphone tuned onto music which is  best for the music lovers but being hooked onto it day and night will make our ear drums not work for long. Everything has its boon and bane and everything before and now is charming, but when it comes to technological the change is quite impressive.

And even when it comes to clicking pictures, i remember myself going to the nearby shop and giving the reel for printing and we would all be so excited when it published. The anxiety level was at its top. And now with the passage of time, we can click hundreds of snap in some minutes and erase them whenever wanted. The important part here is we humans like to keep all the snapshots forever , even if we are never going to look at it again . Its just put in our desktop or written in the compact disks having no idea of where will it be in 6 months.

The tradition of going for family picnics has increased,socializing has become out-bound which is a good thing as exposure is a must for growth!! But at the same time “EVERYTHING IS NICE TILL WE CAN LIVE A  BALANCED LIFE”


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