Bridge the Gap::*

We keep talking about generation gap. We are all in the 21st century and we have become so advanced in our thought processes but some of our views still remain conventional. But to think about it, it’s our loved ones that we are talking about and the relationship with them. Can there be such a time where we cannot explain what we feel like and the situation that we are going through?? I am sure all of us haven’t really taken an effort to discuss issues and there has been an impression already inscribed on our minds. We have just accepted the fact that things will not work out and our wavelength and thinking process will never match.

It is really difficult and with the times changing there are so many things which we are cool about and our folks are not. We have our own definitions, own explanations and own rule and principles. There are very least chances when there are no clashes between the parent and a child. Especially when the child is in his teens, and whatever he does, he thinks is correct. And with time when the maturity level comes, interpretation of things becomes different.

It is very true that our folks have had quite an experience, and they know about a lot with so much of understanding, but there is no harm in listening to the youth and the younger generation. They have a creative mind and so much to offer that it needs to be taken care of. It might not be justifiable, not be reasonable, might be so random, and out of the blue, but there is a reason behind it, there’s always something meaningful in it. Hear them out, hear them speak, Listen patiently, Relate to their emotions and then there will be no GENERATION GAP!!

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