Lamp of Experience::*

There’s a saying education is for children and experience is for adults. But somehow i feel that learning is as important as practice. Learning and gaining knowledge is a never ending process. Qualification is one of the main criteria for getting a job. And the requirement varies with each profession and career. Some strictly look out for experienced candidates. Except the post which is for a highly qualified individual, the others should take both talent and edification into consideration. There’s always a first time and many things can be learnt with time. Since no one is born experienced the individual using his theoritical skill into practicalities helps to become experienced. And by the end one needs to specialize in a sector, therby diversifying into studies is not worth. It all depends upon each person on what his ultimate aim in life is. The most important part is to love and enjoy what you are doing and make your hobby your passion as there is a famous proverb saying: ” All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

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