The Examination Exclamations and the final journey ::*

So those hundred and eighty minutes are way crucial than watching a 3 hour movie ..The level of concentration required, and the memory keeps rolling,the remembrance of that particular page in the book, and those mind blogging sessions.

And with that those small little annoying habits that people have around in the exam hall
I have a long list but lemme just jot down a few:
1. The one that tops my list is when the person ahead of you has that long hair which given a chance you would chop them of  of that instant cause it’s irritating when the strands of hair fall  right on your paper.
2. The funniest part starts when the invigilator has that squeaky voice that you would not want her to give you directions on how to go about the paper. Moreover, when she keeps gossiping about the daily chores happening in her life, with the loudest voice.This situation is beyond explanation. The students need to concentrate on their papers and not hear about the non stop chit chat. It gets on to my nerves when the invigilator snatches the paper at the last, almost tearing it into two parts. Come on, we are not taking it home. The papers are way more important than that attitude of * I am the boss situation *
3. There are so many times when the first half hour is so slow while giving exams and the last 15 minutes if it was in the hands of student would use all ten fingers to write . The time management even when everyone knows its way important doesn’t really work for the best for some .The handling of such situations is one of the best trick .
4. The students around you, each one of them having a pure belief that the paper is going to be the easiest and just the portion of one has revised the best and in between the breaks whenever u take  one you find others just stretching as if they have just gotten up or looking at the fan for ten mins straight or in the worst case just keep staring at the closest companion.
All in all it’s crazy how students have that exam fever and how each ones minds work !!

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