Educated illiterate:*


There are different categories of people around us. Some are hard to deal with and some are easy going. It depends on each individual’s nature, character, upbringing and thought process. A lot of it is the tolerance power that a person has. This article goes out to the majority of people that we interact with and we ourselves can be the subject, if we relate our experiences and style of living. These are acts that occur unknowingly or unintentionally and we do not remember unless someone keeps reminding us about it. As these points are written, one can think about the situations that one has come across with the educated illiterate. This term is specifically for the people who have had so much knowledge, schooling and degree but do not know the simple rules and practices.

Educated people are those who because of their literacy have learnt many things in their lives and achieved proficiency in general. They have used their knowledge and become successful with time. But the problem lies when the educated people do not change their established convictions. This is one part of it. The other part is when the proficient ones act ignorant.

This could be related to professionals honking continuously while they are stuck in a traffic jam or could be people throwing waste from the window shield of their car. There are individuals who do not realize they are littering the surroundings and some who cannot stand in a queue for any entrance. These could be professionals to high school students. They are instances when piles of garbage are seen around corners and how people spit on the road as they walk. Using plastic bags is another example on how one is lazy to carry a cloth bag while shopping. Wasting food while attending parties and ceremonies is a common sight as well as people bargaining on small services for minimum amount is a pitiable situation. The irony is how we react and take things for granted when no cost is involved. There is no end to the list of following under this category of educated illiterate.

What I am saying is instead of arguing who is responsible for the system, one should practice what they preach. If each one of us follow these easy policies in life and inculcate in our style of living the place would be much better to live in. We should stop being in haste all the time as life is nothing but a slow moving race.

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