Travelogue VI :- Pullahari monastery:*


Exploring a new place every week is working out well for me. It is amazing to see that there are so many places around and in town that has been discovered by few people. Kathmandu has so much to offer that one can keep choosing the things they want to do. There are different hiking trails for nature lovers, monasteries with detailed artwork, temples and ancient architecture that will make one love the place all the more. It is the hub for individuals who love adventure, cycling in unknown path and chilling by the riverside.


Visiting a place that I have never been to is one of my passions in travelling. It gives a different feeling and refreshes one’s mind and heart. It is a therapy for many. There are different types of travelers and their interests vary. Some love budget travelling while some are the bag packers, some only want luxury travelling whereas some want to cover all the places. It all depends on how one wants to travel; wanting to know the culture of the group, learning different traditions or only marking the list of places that one wants to go to. Some would find exclusivity in the drawings on the pagodas whereas the others would consider it a normal piece of work. As travelling is addictive, I take some time out on the weekends to go to a new destination. I make a video and a travelogue of the spot to give out a little information about the place that many have been missing out at. Whenever I feel the list is about to exhaust, many more locations are added to the list which leaves me amused. In this similar situation, we ended up going to the Pullahari Monastery yesterday.


Having no idea of where it was situated, we rode towards Bouddha with just a name:- IMG_20150322_125325Pullahari. On our way we asked the shopkeepers, monks and the pedestrians around that area. We interacted with about 50 people to exactly know the directions. Some did not know where it was; some had not heard the name and were asking us if we were sure about the name of the place. Some said it was just 5 minutes down the lane, which never seemed to end and some were guessing it wrong. We crossed the same junction in search of the place. Finally we saw it from far and were happy that it was within our sight. After some more information from passerby, it took us forty five minutes to reach. We did pass different monasteries on our ways which were beautiful. We got to the Gokarna forest and reached the monastery.




As we entered the monastery, we parked our bike and walked towards the entrance. The walk was short and we could see no one around. As we reached a little further, we could see some foreigners enjoying the view and some busy with their meals. We got to know that the place is open from 10.30 to 3 except Mondays. We saw some monks as we entered the main area. The place was well maintained as it was less commercialized. The building had scripts and drawings which looked magnificent. We could not get enough of the place with the beauty it was filled with.






On the other side, there were nine pagodas in a symmetry which looked splendid. Each IMG_20150322_133953one of them was the same and the sculptures on it were mind blowing. We clicked some pictures and saw people hiking towards the place too. The taxis reached till the top and were filled with foreign nationals. There were very less locals. We spent an hour and got back from a different road. While on our way back, we realized that there was an easier route to get to the monastery and the area that we reached was a familiar one. Nevertheless, the fun is to get lost, travel around and explore more. Adding one of the beautiful and must visit places for travel lovers: – Pullahari Monastery.



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